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  1. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Gatekeeping
  2. Have you checked the market recently? L static cores are back down to 450k apiece. Even for 20, 9mil, that's ~400k t1 ore sold to the new Bots. Easy to do.
  3. Hm. Checking HWiNFO64, it seems DU is currently using 80% of my GPU and only 34% of my CPU (relatively even spread across 8 cores). Where are you getting that info?
  4. Considering just how low the monthly sub is, and the estimated number of players, they might be paying for a few of their many employees. Where is the rest of the money coming from? It's basically a tax to prevent their servers dying as they would if it were free to play.
  5. except for talents toward partly trained skills. those went poof. Someone lost a few weeks worth...
  6. Whoever suggested that had no clue what they were talking about. I recommend submitting another ticket; Support is very inconsistent in its quality.
  7. If you mine the few surface ore left, do they spawn more? Regardless, seems like a bug that should be reported.
  8. @NQ-Naunet You said you were looking at that more than two weeks ago. We are still limited to 10 reactions per day. Any news?
  9. Up to 17 personal cores, and 900 per organization, with max skills. All cores count for 1.
  10. It's not. Did they calculate with max refining/smelting/intermediary skills? I'm getting roughly 550 quanta per S adjustor, even with all ore prices at 25q/l.
  11. With good mining skills and access to T1 megas, I can make ~10 million quanta per hour with these higher bot buy prices. It's freaking boring as hell but it can be a living. Made ~80mil in the past two days doing this.
  12. Those words arranged in that sentence make no sense. What are you trying to say there?
  13. Okay, bye. 😎 checking the kickstarter, what about this goal: did that get cancelled? edit: what about this promise: The economy in Dual Universe is realistic and under player control Lies. The bot orders buying t1/t2 ores and selling schematics are a blatant betrayal.
  14. It's possible that the original promises were naive and they're realizing changes are required. We forum goers are a very vocal minority. What % of the actual playerbase even bothers to visit these forums?
  15. Question: Why do CAD and simulation software exist in real life? Why do humans IRL not just slap stuff together and see if it will fly? If the game still required balancing thrust around center of mass (like I hear it did way back in early Alpha), this becomes even more important. People should be able to learn game systems without needing to risk days, weeks, or months of grinding if they get it wrong.
  16. Good? Why do you want to gatekeep the ability to build creatively without needing to grind for materials? JC said only blueprints will be able to be taken out, and I see no problem with that.
  17. If they're truly not reappearing, and you've cleared cache and still not, file a bug report. Usually, a few will be visible and after mining them, more will spawn in view.
  18. mm. not all. Some discords I belong to publish all moderator actions in a special channel. Helps to reduce feelings of unfairness. If a criminal is sentenced IRL, is their crime hidden and people punished for asking what they did?
  19. Space fuel cannot be nanocrafted.
  20. Check the times and the post above yours. Guy bumped his own thread to say thanks for adding it.
  21. From discord: Better get those queues going again.
  22. Hey JC, do you actually play your own game? How much of your castle did you manufacture yourself? How much of the materials for your castle did you mine yourself? Have you ever mined T5? How much T5? Did you feel that mining T5 was enjoyable?
  23. Market bots have always been there; most bot buy orders were removed with this patch. Please see In addition, during the backer first week of beta (everyone else only got in on the second week), there were bot buy orders for t2 to t5 things, too. People made billions of quanta from selling T5 to bots.
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