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  1. this is true, when you have a game with variables, people tend to find the best with plugging in numbers. the issue is as you state, the lack of complexity. the issue itself is originally rooted in mining resources and industry. things are produced too quickly, and too cheap. that paired with the fact that MU's generate unlimited resources at a hourly rate, basically means that no one has to work for anything. you just have to wait a little bit, pick up the ores, throw it into a factory and print out ships. unlike real life, where you have to figure out where to get the materials, do you have the materials to make the things, do you have enough fuel reserves. all these things are key factors of war that are not present. most orgs can just lose ships all day and it does nothing, since they just print new ones without a care. in all, they need to significantly nerf production rates, nerf ore extraction rates, and make fighting a meaningful decision to dedicate resources towards. yes, it is a game, but this does not mean that everyone should be getting unlimited free stuff all the time. it should reward people who take the time to focus on locating and extracting resources. it should reward industrial players who focus on producing a specific item. in all, they need to make it harder for a single person to do everything. including a org making a gigga factory. they should nerf factories to limit the amount of industry that can be placed on each static core. they need to get people more active, doing more logistics. otherwise, there wont be a real market for things. lets look at eve online a little, it takes many players to produce modules, ships, components. all these things take time to do. its not like they can make a gigga factory to print everything they need. they need people to acquire resources, and the resources they acquire automatically, is limited to PI, which is for limited products, or sub components for bigger constructions. all of this requires people to work together to do. all tied together with a market. this is why the market of eve is so unique. if too many players mine ore, the ore prices go down. too little, and prices go up. same for production. the only reason there is demand for these product is from ship loss's. these are from activities that a player risks their ship on, but receives money when completed. DU has none of this. there is no real demand of elements, ore is produced infinitely and mostly afk, 1 player can build a gigga factory to make everything, so they never need to go to the market. so all the issues are tied to basically all the core mechanics of the game currently. i could go on with my rant, but basically, the problem is way more complex then 'pvp is broken'. there are a ton of areas that need to be improved and adjusted. focusing on pvp is not going to fix it.
  2. the pvp lobby is just a bunch of short sighted people who only wanna make others suffer by shooting them. as for your 'self-destruct' option, that alone is dumb. a better option will be a 'scuttling' idea. where you build a ship with 'scuttle' charges. think of it as planted C4 elements that allow you to blow up your ship for you. the purpose would be more useful if they re-enabled the element restore life. where the scuttled elements lose 2 uses over the 1 from being broken from combat. however you can still currently just delete all your cargo, and remove element on big things like AGG, warp drives, weapons, engines etc mid combat. the issue pvp players have is because what they do is mostly pointless in a game where it should have meaning. so they are a bit angry when their only 'income' for said activity is easily deleted by another player when they feel they earned it.
  3. I agree, adding armor alone wont fix it. same with the net. however, space combat should be focused around trade disruption. not so much as fighting wars. this is why I argue that they need to shift gears and focus on planet based combat. its not even given to us, and remember, you cant fight for territory in space (there is none), but the ground is full of territory, we just need more ways to allow for empire building, and wars as well as claiming territory. this is not eve online where you can own sov for a solar system, so we should not be focusing on space combat until it can hold more meaning to the core gameplay, other then trade and travel disruption.
  4. Thank you for your post. I'll expand on my armor idea to maybe get a better understanding across for people. first off, the idea of voxel armor was a core idea for the game. what i am proposing is a set of voxels that take the inverse approach of voxels, in the sense of honeycomb. normally, honeycomb is a material with structural strength with minimum materials used for its structure. the armor voxels will work on a inverse of this principle. making the voxel a highly dense (nearly perfect lattice structure) for a given material. the idea is this material has higher HP/kg then all honeycomb materials, significantly more mass, cost a lot of materials to construct in mass, and buffed resistances (around 20-30% for a low end, and 40% for the high end.) its a voxel purpose designed to withstand the riggers of combat. a example for Pure Iron armor stats is: 7,873 kg/m³ for a total of 125,968 hp/m³ with 15-20% resistances across the board. the mass it adds makes 16 voxels add 7.8 tons of mass onto a ship, granted, it has a ton of hp. this paired with shield venting, will bring rise to 2 different classes of ships, the more nimble and less armored fast attack type of ships, who can engage and disengage from combat to regen their shields. or the slow, and tough ships, that cant regenerate their shields, but focus on the heavy armor. this paired with the gravity field net means that these armor ships will have a problem leaving unless they deal with the net itself. where as the small nimble ships can get out easy. allowing for a resupply ship to be parked outside the net so more ammo can be gotten. if people go cube meta with this armor, they will be so slow, they wont even be able to move in space. and if they get too close to a planet, they fall down, because they cant put enough engines/brakes to keep them from falling. so a balance will need to be made for 'cube' ships where they can only put as much armor to survive, and the new minimum thrust would be 3.1+g's loaded. with this new armor, it will be hard to cover all elements with it, and get to that amount. unless your looking at M or L core ships. so the concern with cube meta returning from this armor, is mostly nullified. it wont remove the nano meta, but it will bring in ships that are tougher to deal with. however, with the one post about modules and fixed stats, sure, that can work. but a better solution will be to change how to determine the stats of a ships shields, armor, and hull (going to touch on this). we all know shield are based on size, its fine, but the issue is uniformity. if every ship has the same shield hp, then its all about learning to get in and out of combat to manage it. thus the need for shield augmentations (think of it similar to engine tiers and variations) where some have bigger hp pools, lower resistance pools, and lower vent rate, or lower hp pools, higher resistances and higher vent rates. or any combo of those, as well as changing the mass numbers for each. this will spice up the shield area. as for armor, this can be solely calculated using voxel hp counts. to make it easier on builders fearing losing a good looking ship, just remove voxel deforming/deletion until after the core is destroyed, then afterword's just delete areas around destroyed elements. as for hull, it should be based on a combination of volume of voxels and element hp. all the hp values for voxels, shields, and elements will need to be scrapped to make this work. but it brings the combat from semi realistic to more arcade style, adjustments to a ships 'signature' would need to be made based on core size and volume of elements/voxel material. weapons hit chance depending on its tracking precision. Basically, it would scrap the current combat system, and bring in eve online's combat system, where rather then a fitting window and pre-generated ship hulls. its all player created and the stats of the ship raise and fall depending on elements, voxels, and core size. however, this would eat so much development time. I would not recommend doing something like this at all. remember, we have to think realistically. you cant expect a company to dedicate a huge amount of development resources towards changing the core of combat, when the main focus should be on getting the rest of the game developed. they still need to work on atmospheric and player combat. which is going to be the real meat and potato's of pvp in the long run of the game. there is no territory in space, just space cores. so think of space pvp currently as a distraction from development from the real purpose of this game, which is rebuilding a civilization. we need the ability to make cities, markets, claim and lose territory, hold wars over resources. there is so much they need to do, and this space pvp, is just a means to disrupt transportation of goods, and thus not the core of the focus of the game. Thank you for reading!
  5. the idea for the armor is mainly for stations, or more resilient ships that defend these stations. the idea is, that you bring in your enemy into a rumble arena that is walled off by gravity. it lets people counter it if they are alert, but the heavy ships will have a hard time. the wide area is like net fishing, rather then RnR fishing. the concept is more to allow for faster ships to be lightly armored like today. while the slower ships, like haulers can add more armor under their shields, making them last longer while being intercepted. its not to bring back cube meta, but to bring back voxel armor as a option for additional layering for survivability under the shields for ships designed to normally be non-combatant. think shooting a unarmed meat shield, vs the nimble escort that shoots back. like you said, we need more complexity, to make things less predictable.
  6. I am against a wipe, but it is a beta. so i expect it can be on the table. i made a post already about what i think should change about tax's and tiles, so i wont say it again. ill just edit this message with the link to the post. i talked about element loss in another post, regarding insurance and pvp. ill also link the post in a edit. PvP changes and insurance post: Tax and Mining post:
  7. true, but you will have to place and link the elements each time you place it. so its less instant until a better fix is made. lets say, making the smallest radar 5001L? it just seems dumb to recommend that tbh, but its funny to say.
  8. Now that your reading this. here are my reasons: the current state of the game, and the space only CvC cant be properly tested and balanced due to desync and the fact that the majority population vastly does not pvp (we just warp around it, or go outside of the pipe). as it stands, pvp is just sit for hours and wait for something to come to you. basically fishing. then you have to hope you can catch it, or get in range to shoot it a bunch. hard to do when its in warp, or at max speed. so my recommendation, is to focus on the non pvp aspects of development. putting pvp on the back burner, much like thoramine. -OR- Address the core issues of space pvp, which is lacking. 1) the ability to properly engage in fights 2) reducing the cost to defend yourself 3) allowing for a entry level of rudimentary weapons a lone player can use/craft. 4) the ability to catch people. Here is what I am proposing: 1) allow for a tier 5 item called a 'gravity field generator' to be deployed only on a space core. fueled by warpcells ( or something similar, basically its warping space to generate gravity ). this forces a 3G gravity effect over 10 SU to pull in things within 5SU of the gravity field generator. think of it as a sphere effect with a nullified sphere effect inside. basically a trap. this affects all players and orgs. you can escape it by applying more then 3g's of force to get out of the field. or shoot the space core that contains the gravity field generator. 2) with this change, we need to limit G forces on combat ships in some way. so my second proposal is a new type of voxel called 'armor.' this voxel material has significantly more hp and weight over honeycomb (its denser, because its armor). since ships are basically trapped inside of a gravity well arena, you cant always just zoom zoom, out of range of everything to regenerate shields. you also need to be able to defend a static space core holding the field together. this will slow down ships, and help fix the rubber banding/desync issues due to high velocity combat. this is where armor comes in nicely. since its super heavy and has a high amount of hp. people cant just cube meta it. otherwise they will not have enough thrust to move around. so a balance of hull armor and mobility is created. currently mobility is king because of shield venting by running away. but in a arena small area, with a point to defend while attacking, a mix of fortification from slow ships and space station vs fast interceptor type ships is created. 3) rewarding players for risk. currently, pvp is not profitable, and people just delete their cargo as they are dying. a new proposal is a questionable one, insurance. people do not like to lose things they worked hard on in a videogame, and since the nature of the game is very slow paced and over a long period of time, my recommendation is a insurance premium a player can put on their ships. this is a 1 time fee for a few hours of insurance type of thing. essentially, you pick up some cargo, then insure your ship for about 60-70% of what the elements and cargo is worth for about 5% of the premium. when insured, anything that is not fuel or ammo is locked, and cant be moved or deleted until the insurance policy is canceled. you also cant edit your ship by adding or removing elements. this solves the issue of deleting profitable things from the people engaging in pvp, while also dulling the pain of losing a ship and cargo. as I said before, the duration of the insurance is short, lasting a few hours or until canceled by the ship owner. the only way to insure a ship is if its within 2 SU of a market (this can change in the future to something else. but the idea is you have to be close to a insurance agency place. ) to balance the economy, a insured ship has a chance to have some elements deleted when cored ( lets say about 50% of the elements for a ballpark amount. ) however containers are a exception to deletion. 4) currently weapons are balanced horridly, so here is what I think needs to change. weapon range, all sizes of weapons should have the same range. the only difference should be tracking and damage application. XS being better at tracking and hitting a target, but have low damage output. and L being worse at tracking and hitting fast targets, but hit very hard. range should be tied to the type of weapon, lasers being short ranged with bonus's to tracking, cannons in the middle, and railguns being long range, with lower tracking, but more damage. all turrets should have a omni directional firing arc. it does not make sense why they don't. this is where I have to add, a new proposed weapon type, dorsal (or fixed) weapons their firing angle is very limited (like 2 degrees, and deal big damage, have long reload times (shoots 1 shot every 30 seconds or so) and have to be mounted on a M or L core. the purpose is a siege type of weapon. as for missile changes, this is where things get interesting. it does not make sense that missiles function how they do. so the proposed change is to make missiles the weapon system that is the widely used for those being chased or to attack static/slow targets. each missile pod has a fixed container you have to manually load. each missile is then buffed in volume, and has to be loaded like fuel. making this weapon a preloaded weapon system (about 24 shots before needing to reload it.) the size will determine the damage, but will also increase the volume and material cost of the ammo. missiles have access to all 4 damage types, and is loaded similarly to fuel where only 1 type can be loaded per launcher. how it will change to work, is if the difference in velocity of the shooter and target is less then 3000 kph in the forward direction of reference (basically, shooting someone following you or slower then you), it will hit. and deal big damage. similar to a rail gun. however its shots are limited until reloaded and the range is just under railgun range. due to this, you can only attach 1 missile launcher to 1 control/gunner seat. the idea is a weapon to use against a target with limited shots. meaning its not likely to kill a target if its properly defended but allows for a entry level weapon system to be attached to most ships that a single pilot can use. the new changes would make missile launchers a tier 2 crafted item, turrets a tier 3-5, and dorsal weapons a tier 5 item. Most of the above changes would make considerable leaps towards a more balanced pvp system with more fun for all parties. as with anything, this is what I believe needs to be done, or at least the general spirit of things that need to change for space pvp. since it cant hurt to propose it, I did. it cant be dumber then the current state of pvp where people exceed the g forces that would kill a human 3 times over, or the 'fishing' for conflict that exists.
  9. Honestly, this is a easy fix. add, No Radars or Turrets. as a rule for compacting a ship.
  10. I think as it stands, MU's profit is a bit high. both in part to the state of the economy (everything is still hyper inflated from maga-node days), and the fact that you can smartly yield 50%+ of a MU's harvest by juggling 25 MU's per character with only lvl 3 stats for charge regen rate in talent costs. in order to properly test out these things to see the realistic effect of the changes, a wipe will have to be performed, or some sort of element asset sink, has to be made. currently, there are too many element assets in the game, and constantly being made, while not being removed. with the exception of stockpiling spare ships. all these assets will just sit around on the market, or collect dust in someone hanger. meaning that as people constantly produce these things. the bubble that is the elemental assets will just force prices lower and lower (the effect of high supply, and low demand. ) too the point people will stop buying ore, then stop manufacturing things to sell. basically. the game's economy will die. this is not going to happen today, but unless something is done. this WILL happen. eve online handles this by 'deleting' the ships hull, and about 50% of all modules/cargo on a ships death. this drives the demand for replacement modules and ships, while still giving a chance for reselling the other 50% of the modules from the kill/loss. the losing player is compensated for their risk with insurance premiums they pay into before taking the risk and losing their ship. so they get back a moderate amount of money to assist in replacing their lost stuff. applying this to this game, it would fix the hyper inflation in a short time, if players lost elements regularly, either by crashs, pvp, or what have you (different discussion for a later time on this). it will cause the demand for elements to go back up. which in turn will drive the economy in a better direction. which will better determine ore prices/profits. TL/DR; we cant base mining profit vs tax's in the currant state of the game. we need new changes to course correct the bubble of the hyper inflated economy.
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