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  1. Part of the issue is that most people are geared to think in a straight line based on how things were done, not how they can be done differently. This is pretty much the default state of human thinking... Do you need to actually own those hexes to make a racetrack on them? Look at how auto mining is going to work, expect (some) folks to exploit patches of 50+ tiles. I would suspect that some folk might be amiable to facilitate a racing track on those tiles for no quanta... I'm waiting for Demeter to hit too see how everything will work after the patch, so I might be one of those folks that has a 50+ tile patch that's willing to host a racing track (need to look at RDMS some more)...
  2. For defensive structures, sure. But you forget that you can just BP anything you build and easily recreate it somewhere else. What was hinted at for planetary warfare is that you need to go through other tiles to get at 'core tiles', this will take time (I suspect lots of time). That means you'll be able to deconstruct structures, either moving the materials back to saver zones or try to get them off planet to elsewhere. But making assumptions about planetary warfare at this point is imho foolish, what was hinted at has so many holes, you can drive the Deathstar through them... And with the current state of the game and the speeds of development/changes over the last year, I do not see PW to be implemented for year(s)...
  3. Magic Eight Ball says: You're predictions where wrong! ?
  4. With max skills we can store up to 10 calibration charges , BUT calibration charges regenerate every 3.5 hour per charge, so a little less then 7 charges per day. Note: this was the info from PTS, they might mess with Demeter on release even more.
  5. I have a couple of questions: #1 Can we tokenize tiles without access to the TU? I might have burried mine and after the reset I need to dig new holes, something we both do not want me to do. Can we raise all the TUs to the surface after the reset if access is required? An alternative would be ta access them through the tax system or map system. #2 Can we have a way to quickly give all or a bunch of selected tiles x amount of millions pulled from our wallet? If I have hundreds of tiles, I really do not want to weekly assign quanta to each tile manually.
  6. Of course! Untill NQ changes it's mind again in a week or two... Or someone builds a Dysonsphere around Sanctuary... ?
  7. I could proof my point by creating an account or hundred vote in this poll and get a 91% yes vote...
  8. Because the 'feedback' that's being given is not made by the people who actually play the game. I'm seeing accounts on here, where I suspect that they never played and are only here to troll. Others I suspect of using multiple forum accounts to push their own agenda by constantly 'discussing' things among themselves...
  9. How is Shadowplay an alternative to a cloudgaming service like GeforceNow? Unless you mean Shadow (https://shadow.tech), which is an alternative, if there wasn't a waiting list for it (register now, get it the 31st of December). It's also quite expensive at €30/month compared to GeforceNow.
  10. I just tested it, but I can make a forum account without any (active) subscription. How do we know if all that 'feedback' is from actual (active) players instead of a bunch of trolls? The same goes of course for Discord...
  11. NQ might have listened to our feedback, but either didn't do anything with it or did it badly, as we said time and time again communicate BETTER! They are communicating worse. Listening feedback is one thing, going back on things you put to rest previously is a bad thing. What makes it even worse is that they should know that people were acting on that information by spending a lot of time/quanta in that activity. If it was said that they were not yet sure whether they would delete or keep it, we could all have made our own choices. But even then it would be against what was said in the last 15 months about player acquired resources not being deleted if possible. This was possible, just a choice made by NQ. My biggest gripe isn't a specific course of action, but the going back on previous statements which many players based their DU purchase(s) on and the massive time sink it became for many. If I wasn't assured by the founder/CEO of the company that I wouldn't loose my stuff when they leave beta, I would never have started playing/paying the game in the first place. And many trolls here, I suspect that often they do not play , if ever (for some reason you can create accounts on the forum without an actual DU account attached), keep screaming for a complete wipe. When NQ goes back on a major point like that, it scares me! Especially when I just resubbed four accounts for another year.
  12. You could play without any pvp, but your gaming experience will be severely limited: No slowboating outside of the safezone, warp everywhere. No mission running outside the safezone, no warping with pve missions. No asteroid mining outside of the safezone. Higher tier ores could be aquired from the markets. But your quanta income from missioning will be limited due to missioning limitations. Getting stuff from other planets will be more expensive (outside the safezone) due to warpcell costs. Personally I want to choose when I take the risk of pvp, and I currently can do that in DU. It just costs quanta... More risks, more rewards...
  13. Hell, no! The time I spent ingame on scanning is way more the 1/365th of $70 (~$19 cents). Compensate ingame effort with ingame compensation. 1 million quanta per scan sounds about right.
  14. #1 It listened to feedback by those who yelled the loudest. The loudest and most annoying do not represent the rest of the customer base. Not to mention that many #2 Changing their minds is often also called reneging on a deal. #3 So your boss changed his mind on the work you did the last two weeks and decides to not pay you. You OK with that? If so, please share his contact details and I'll inform your boss of the happy news. So here we did work the last two weeks based on the information NQ gave and we did work for nothing, without any rewards/pay. And don't give me that "You can still use that info till Demeter launches!" BS, because if I knew what I know now, I would have done something else with the time spend flying ships, placing them perfectly, scanning, rinse and repeat. 200 scans go Poof! I have no issue if that was just with the scans I already had. Hell, if some people had the drive to scan entire planets, good for them! This doesn't solve any problems for the regular player, this makes the matter way, way worse for the regular player. Why? I'm not saying, because then NQ will 'fix' the alternative as well. You'll see when we're done... I suspect the crying will be way, way worse.
  15. It will never ever be equal for all or any players. People with ingame resources can do what you think you can do, but way, way bigger. So you're still not on equal footing. People with outgame resources can just have way more accounts (see above). People with more time can do more in game then you can. People who are smarter then you can do things fore efficiently. People who've played the game longer will have better talents. (Piloting talents are important for slowboating.) The only thing this would accomplish is devaluating the Quanta even more.
  16. I have no issue with it happening so much as that was stuff from the past, people will have profited from most of it (or not). The problem I have with it is, they first say one thing, then they do a 180... People have been preparing for the Demeter changes since the announcement, including scanning. They've created expectations and that is what bothers me.
  17. @NQ-Deckard Don't take this personally, because this is a NQ issue, not a Deckard issue. But maybe NQ should just in the future shut the hell up on the forum, Dev Blogs, Discord, Twitch, and YouTube. Because everything that is said is just worth sh!te. I just spend a LOT of the weekend on scanning AFTER it was said that scanner results would be kept.
  18. Replies: 1.) I advise you scan before you mine, then you know what to expect for what ores. 2.) Automining unit for the proper Tier of ore T2 uses a different Autominer from T1 ore. 3.) You can place multiple mining units on a tile. If a tile has 300L/h of Hematite then you can place three T1 Autominers on it. If you also own the neighboring tiles, you get significant bonuses, if you have proper skills you also get bonuses. With everything max, you might not have enough space for ore in a S container for a single day. You also might not want to empty it every day. I'm looking at M or L containers, maybe even Hubs and multiple containers. 4.) Autominers need to be placed on a static core. 5.) After x period of time the amount of ore mined will drop off. @Raaziel Is giving you numbers as shown on PTS (test server), but I would advise to wait and see if the exact numbers as shown on PTS will carry over to production. And imho always test yourself the claims made by others, assumption is the mother of all fnckups... ? 6.) Don't forget your Territory Units, to actually claim tiles. This costs a fixed fee and you have weekly costs per tile. Also keep in mind to do ALL the maths yourself, I know it's not everyone's favorite subject, but just don't assume that what others are saying is the most optimal solution (for you).
  19. I don't know enough about voxels, but... I can easily describe a flat surface (x,y,z), but a flat surface with a ton of holes in it is a lot more difficult to describe. Either you describe each hole separately, which costs a lot of storage, or you make a formula for it that needs resources each time it's displayed or interacted with. Maybe they moved from one method to another in the last year?
  20. Been a loud annoyance... There's a ton of stuff that isn't crime in RL, but will certainly give you a bloody nose and/or a knee in the nuts. As I said, you can scream all you want in the forums, most of us can ignore you there. But you're calling folks to start bothering other players ingame, with methods that aren't allowed anymore (if you have to ask, I have to wonder if you're even playing the game). I don't care if only three other daft people showed up for your proposed shenanigans, you're actively trying to ruin other people's playing experiences (by methods that aren't allowed in the first place). DU is buggy enough without a couple of kids throwing around stuff at markets that will make other people crash. If you don't like NQ, hate what DU is, then you won't mind not playing DU for a while (or forever). If you want we could even start a poll to see if others agree or not... ?
  21. You're just not feeling the ZEN! ? Imho it was different from almost all the other MMO games where you needed to acquire resources. With going with the automining option, DU is shedding it's more unique sellingpoints. And imho the 'brainless boring task' is just replaced by a 'brainless boring task' you'll need to do each and every day! Those aren't 'free' minerals at all, that's a daily grind that you have to keep playing whether you want to or not. But the OP brings up an excellent point, where does this leave the NEW solo player? I suspect not in a good place. They might be forced into certain gameplay loops with very specific paths, because this might now be the optimal way to gather resources. The new talents are just another talent sink. In addition to the previous mining talent sink. Another 4+ months to spend subscription on... And it's advantageous for training your alts into it as well, more alts means more ore (and more grinding a mini game)... More incentive to buy those additional accounts (if it wasn't already the case with other talents/activities)... Less well known consequences to the Demeter patch also mean that players need to concentrate their mining on a single planet. Otherwise your ore income will be severely impacted or the quanta costs of additional tiles will be significant (I suspect that it will be unsustainable). That means people will need to specialize and trade. Giving more opportunities to traders and space truckers. But the NEW solo player just won't easily be able to build much beyond the basics in any real quantity. On the other hand, I think many people think to much into the MMO classic of guilds and (EVE) corps, I think DU has much more potential for more loosely organized collectives that cooperate with different solo players, the tools for organizing this in game just SUCK! You want me to boost your Cargo capacity with my Lvl5 talents? Can you boost my engines with your Lvl5 skills? I have a ton of Coal, you have ton of Baux, wanna trade? And especially not just locals/neighbors, this is an advanced society, we just need tools to get this off the ground. I would love to see autotrade units (I have x and want y) with a decent interface (you want to trade 407 times... Just hammer those buttons ?
  22. I would like to ask for a pre-emptive ban for the ringleader @Warlander I have no interest in these shenanigans affecting my and other people's gameplay in any way. You want to attack NQ in these forums, go ahead, leave the other players out of it! @NQ if the OP wants to play out a RL scenario ingame, please provide the tools in game we also recourse to in RL. Shove people out of the way (launch into orbit) or if they don't get the hint, knee them in the nuts (send to respawn)...
  23. I play games like DU (and EVE) because they don't have separate servers, it is all one universe. Another part of the attraction is that there is risk of PVP and you have certain choices whether or not to participate actively in PVP. There are risks and rewards for those choices.
  24. is DU worth 10 USD a month? Currently: No, in the future possibly. I'm also missing a poll for doiny the price increase on Demeter release or one/two months after the Demeter release... Side-note: Currently a year subscription is $70, with the new $7 for a year subscription that will increase to $84. Thus a price increase anyway you look at it.
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