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  1. 40 minutes ago, DrDerp said:

    Amazing how the great troll of the east started this discussion by throwing weird accusations and nonsense into the room (trolling noveans). I thought it would be/should be ignored. Now it seems it started a fight over whether the game is socialistic/communistic or capitalistic.



    Unless your org somehow manages to never sell or buy anything outside of the guild ever then we are all capitalist in the end because $ is needed to move anything along in this game.   However in the management of each organization the question is which style are people using.  Democratic, Socialist or full blooded for the people Communism(tm).  Or even independent where guild cohesion breaks down to at best a simple cost reduction for goods and services.


    Some guilds may start running their operation one way and a patch comes along and makes it impossible to continue that way, forcing them to switch gears entirely.  You could write a novel on the changes that happened with our group on Madis after some madman pushed a factory wrecking patch out.

  2. 9 hours ago, le_souriceau said:

    Their own info on this site states they have 94 empoyees. So all this narrative about "small indie studio, that can't spare a man for anything" sounds a bit cringe.


    There was a running gag here and on discord about DU being a "small indie studio please be gentle" for a long time when the game first went to open beta.  Every time people got angrier the phrase got weirder.

    "We are small indie studio, please be patient"

    "We are small family restaurant, please be patient"

    "We are just 2 guys with a hot dog cart, please be patient"



  3. 3 hours ago, Megabosslord said:

    I've found in life that people generally deliver what you expect of them. If you doubt them, and expect them to fail, they usually will. If however you believe in them, and give them the benefit of the doubt, they will generally rise to the occasion. (Googe 'self-fulfilling prophecy experiment' by Drs John Darley and Bibb Latané. Also, Pygmalion or Rosenthal effect.) 


    I choose to believe NQ will overcome current challenges, achieve their ambitious vision, and it will be glorious. 


    Great you sound like my mother......


    She was wrong about that too.





    The philosophy that is not DU, her playing DU woulda been hilarious. 

  4. @Thunderblaze


    Alright I had my hopes up because the REALLy buggy hole at the parts warehouse looks fixed but over at one of the manufacturing plants I found:



    and of course there has always been this



    I did not see some of the old ones but not sure if that means that is fixed or that I don't know how to "trigger" it.

    Gaelyn just now mentioned that he is still getting it on his MTI cathedral.

  5. 3 hours ago, Thunderblaze said:

    Both of those categories.


    Last I checked we still had it at the main city center in a few places.  NQ actually managed to fix some it for a few hours (a month or so ago I believe) but it came right back.  Did they fix it again?  Will log in later to have a look.

  6. 3 hours ago, SirJohn85 said:



    But here's the plot twist - those who drank the Kool Aid and wore the rose-coloured glasses, I see today in the Starbase Discord and that they are totally looking forward to the early access on 17 June.




    See you on Steam :)  We hope to have a good chunk of SLI/MTI and any new people who want to join us there on the 17th.  If you take off the rose glasses you realize this launch could go either way.  Might be No Man's Sky PART DEUX! or it might be the next big thing, I can honestly see it go either way and a lot of it depends on what they are not showing for release day.

  7. 59 minutes ago, GraXXoR said:



    I spend money on Materials, Materials, Materials. Our base doesn't build itself... We have a couple of miners who fill a bunch of containers for us and allow our group to buy with a discount... the rest they sell on the open market. In exchange they have use of our knowhow, L5 skilled avatars for buffing builds, as well as our "at cost" private dispensers. 


    Landing strips, train lines, factories for different types of goods. Parking areas for all our vessels. Massive tall towers to annoy flyers (j/k)
    These take a LOT of matierials to make since we can't use material such as rock and sand to make stone, concrete and glass.


    The amount of resources sunk into construction across all of our Madis tiles is truly mind boggling.  The amount of meganodes stripped for it all, people wouldn't even believe it.

  8. 40 minutes ago, FrigoPorco said:

    Schematics....really have to go. PvE would be nice. Even a start! Anything! PvP needs structure. a reason to go kill other players. Will asteroids do it? No! Because if there's another way to get the materials, people will just do that. MMOs need PvE. This is a pretty simple concept. And they already said no. So see you all in SC soon. 



    It was nice talking to you in the starbase channel, old man to old man.  Hope to see you there next month old man. ?

  9. Generally we didn't consider it an expensive crash unless it takes a team of people several hours and millions of quanta worth of T3-T5 material in scrap to repair.


    I think when our Logistic Lead Officer crashed his baby it cost so much and took so long that you probably wouldn't believe me if I posted it.


    When ya gotta break out the Manganese scrap, **** just got real.

  10. 14 minutes ago, Cheith said:


    It is a fair enough point, but in the end if steak is not achievable at the price point the customers are willing to pay then you are not going to get steak - and to be honest the Kickstarter funding wouldn't even have got you Spam. So, now the customers get to make the choice:

    1) keep yelling for steak they will never get,

    2) decide to go to a different restaurant, or

    3) have some bacon for a lower price point.


    It takes a certain kind of mentality to persist with (1) and sadly the MMO community seems to have no shortage of that personality.


    4) Bacon is no longer on the menu either....




    1 minute ago, Sybily said:

    this is making me want both steak and bacon IRL... brb


    May I suggest filet mignon wrapped in bacon.  If you can get tenderloin at a decent price then cut it 2 inches thick roughly and wrap it in good quality bacon fixed with a toothpick.  Roll the edge in freshly ground black pepper and then fry it in a skillet with sizzling whole garlic cloves and butter.  Serve with baked potato and red wine.

  11. 1 hour ago, Bazzy_505 said:


    I dunno, to me its more of situation akin to such as when you break up with your crazy girlfriend and realize the next day,

    that you left behind your favourite Phillies t-shirt you have had since highschool and she's been using it as PJ for the last 2 months and you really

    wish you could find a way to get it back without a scene ?


    Ah yes. Donna.  But it was a leather jacket and a Jimmie Hendrix t-shirt.


    Sometimes you just gotta gnaw your arm off to get away man.  Not a joke, just wisdom.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Kruzer said:

    I actually don't mind the 'necro posting'.  Hell this game is necro.  I'd put up with nothing but necro post here if in game we could get rid of the necrobases, the necroTUs, the necroships, the necro orgs the necro factories.............


    If you are going to get rid of properties and stuff that is going on unused then you might as well have a wipe and leave off the meganodes when they reset everything.  Maybe that is where this is all headed.  Don't know tbh.  A company that says so little is hard to read, course that is usually the point with a near media blackout.  Keep from showing your hand, whatever it may be.


    Not sure a threat of a wipe would get me to log in and do anything with all my TU'd meganodes.  Hell I got probably hundreds of the damn things everywhere.  But an actual wipe would definitely not have me logging in more than I do already.  Dealing with blueprints wasn't fun even with one of the biggest megacorps.  Dealing with wiped game from scratch with blueprints on top of that?   Yea I would probably pass.

  13. At some point in a relationship you sometimes have to recognize when it is becoming toxic due to the inactivity or inability to communicate from one or both parties.  Once you are sure that a relationship has passed a certain point then usually there is only one outcome that is logical, and a lot of people here have already passed that threshold weeks ago.  More are getting to that point.  Daily it seems. 


    It hurts the most when you know the relationship could be salvaged or at least extended just a bit with better communication or a tiny bit of effort.  Then your heart breaks when you never hear a word or see any of that effort put in and you may never know the whole story of why.  

  14. 17 hours ago, Merkor said:

    Hmm maybe I'll try that.  When you fly in space do you need to apply reverse thrust to slow down?


    Yep your speed is only affected by other planetary bodies.  You can slow down with space engines (there are plenty of ways to end up hurtling off planet and through space without any space engines at all btw, usually by accident) using forward facing ones or turning the ship around and blasting in the other direction.  But it is a lot easier to just use a space brake.


    Our group always planned in the months past that if they actually wiped then we would try to get to Madis on the first day by slapping together a quick ship and just slow boating over (takes about 45 min at max speed).  Was always curious about how fast we could accomplish it.  The problem is those damn blueprints and Kergon fuel would be a roadblock.

  15. 4 hours ago, Merkor said:


    Would it be worth buying one of the starter ships for sale at the market? I can't remember if the  <1mil ships were space capable or not. I'll have to go google what parts are needed for a intro space ship.  I've only played around with modifying the starter speeder so far.


    You can actually make the starter speeder into a space ship incredibly easily (windscreens are not necessary, technially seats are not necessary).  Do the "tutorial" on converting the speeder to an air vehicle and follow the instructions and then add on a couple small space engines and a space tank and off you go (a space brake if you want to make it easier to not die when you get there).  No really.  If you cant get to 9% atmosphere then you might need a bit more thrust (add more atmos engine).  All those parts are incredibly cheap usually at any market or you can make em in a nanopak (fuel you have to buy because blueprints are the devil). 

    Get to space, point toward a planet, get to 30,000kph if you can and enjoy the ride.  Remember to slow down as you get close and hope you dont die on re-entry (keep it under 1,800kph whenever you are in atmosphere unless you REALLY know what you are doing).


    Space is easy.  Getting off planet with more than 25 tons on ya....requires a bit of work.  

  16. 50 minutes ago, Merkor said:

    well for now i'll be moving to alioth since i dont have a way to get off planet yet. Although maybe i should look into what it would cost to get a ship capable of getting to madis - i'm guessing madis is less crowded then alioth?


    For ship clutter yes definately.  For people clutter.....eh.  Not much in the way of people clutter for now other than real estate (people are not playing much).  Both places have a relatively high amount of Claimed Tiles.  You could go to Thades but that place is kinda "meh". 


    Getting off planet and slowboating somewhere is actually really easy and you can even do it from your nanopack with surface rocks if you had to (cept making kergon, that takes a chem station and of course a ****ing blueprint.  Most of our guild members got to madis on their own with us cheering them on and watching their stream in discord, always a good laugh.  Sometimes it was their first space flight.  If you were in SLI I would just invite you to MTI and come by and pick you up for a quick warp to Madis and hand you a TU.  In the old days I would even point you toward an unclaimed meganode to get you started.


    Man this game has changed so much.

  17. 9 hours ago, Merkor said:

    So i've already run out of basic ores on my one tile. I purposely picked a tile with some empty tiles around it hoping there's be more ore available. I didnt realize we can only mine in our one tile. Now i have to figure how/if i can move all my stuff to alioth since it might not fit in my inventory. The sanctuary moon seems like a waste of time to me.


    It was going to be useless with the original "vision" (tm).  That vision being from a madman several years ago.  When we got in after the last wipe it became obvoius after a week and a warning to leave that it now functions as a trap for new players.  Get out.  I suggest alioth or madis.  Find any hex, ANY HEX on those two planets and it will be better.  GET OUT of Sanctuary.  Have a warp shuttle built when you can to get back to the markets on alioth for shopping but you have no reason to ever return to Sanctuary unless you forgot something expensive.  Back in the day of a few months ago we would rescue people and extract them from Sancturary almost daily to bring them to Madis.



    6 minutes ago, sHuRuLuNi said:



    I think it should be blown to pieces. 


    Too good for it.  Send it into the non-existent sun.

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