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  1. The mental stress is real in this thread. We have to have a little empathy for their losses BUT i havent saw any info about bug/exploit report from their side which kind of sucks, right ? It was a free choice to do what they did from stealing voxels to braggin about that on reddit. As ive said 5 times, if you see an open ATM machine with a large amount of $ you cant take them because its not your and from a street walker you become a thief.
  2. I am sorry for your loss.
  3. I dont want to buy your Silver accounts but i could use them to mine on some other planets. You are and you will always be the owner. You can have them when you return. Elite#7018 on discord. I hope you well!
  4. Eve Online ( ffa pvp + real life time pilot training skills, kill pilot, kill ship > claim ship and loot it) + MInecraft + No man sky/Space Engineer (digging) + Factorio/Satisfactory + Kerbal Space Program (Rocket engineer physics) + other games + free for all full loot pvp + 1 world no loading screens also.. ...Beta, no wipes. 1year from now players will have 30.000.000 SP and starting pilots 0.
  5. Would love to have Junk and Unjunk along with Favourite and Unfavourite, Claim/Unclaim (we have) so we can sort files faster. If we can give 1-5 rates to scan would be awesome also. Thanks.
  6. There is nothing we can do. Name change, tile pickup are on, also start a new account and lose what? 1-5 mil worth of exp.
  7. From flying around on an empty planet to create anything you can imagine ? The point of museum is to show new players the beauty/size of creations player have made.
  8. with DAC being around the corner, r u afraid of daily login bonus?
  9. The castle is great! The voxel library is amazing! The space truck fleet is perfect! ❤️
  10. I understand perfectly but this wont be Eve 2 copycat with 25.000 players with multiple accounts camping areas. This game is here to stay and the World needs pvpers, voxelmancers, miners, etc. Not every1 is into griefing and ffa full loot pvp and those ppl need protection. Once you lose your 2 months work, its over, you will never recover. What options do you have? Be absorbed in a zerg org/alliance and play there. I also play Eve in Goons so i know a thing or three about any direction the game might go. Pick a planet, pvp planet and harrass those dudes but you wont be able to harrass 99% of the world. i just hope the Space will be 1 year from now so big that going there with warp takes you 1h
  11. I am doing pvp for 25 years since UO/AC/DAOC. Ive only played FFA (Free for all servers) during those days. Ive played almost all mmos possible, almost all survivals and i know a thing or two or more about games/healthy population/survability/offline raiding, etc. I hope the core aspect of the game wont be FFA pvp otherwise people will destroy more than what the others can construct back that means (you guessed) ppl will leave, ppl will unsub and guess what, population will drop. Last example: Last Oasis. Launched with a healthy pop peak at 35k and after 4 months of FFA pvp that game has 500-600 players daily. The rest are details. Humans have emotional attachement to things and pixels. Make them lose their assets 2-3 times and they are gone and wont ever return. The psychological "trauma" will bring them back memories whenever they will see the game. Its science.
  12. An alpha tester who wants to kill new players, raid their base and make them leave the server. LOL :)))))))
  13. Yup. That will always be a thing. They have to find you 1st
  14. Hello, Do you want to talk about Base Raiding ? Any idea how it will be when planetary pvp will hit the live server? The only mechanic i know is > you lose everything if they kill they Core, repair and claim (like the ship mechanic), right ? Will you lose your base over night when you sleep ? Will we have some auto turrets that you can place ONLY on STATIC cores with longer range than any weapon you can place on Dynamic Core? Considering how hard/easy is for some to start all over when you lose everything my only concern is if it is too aggressive and if you can lose everything easily, not many will survive. I have over 5000h in different survivals, so i know a thing of two about surviving in harsh worlds What do we know so far ?
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