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  1. When I mine with linked containers, the container optimization talent does not reduce their mass. This can be remedied by manually moving an element in the container.
  2. I just checked it works. Made it from a linked container, the container was set as active with CTRL I.
  3. @NQ-Naunet The forum and reddit feed in Discord doesn't seem to work anymore. For me it was practical to see if there was news in Discord because I could also see the server announcements and release notes at the same time.
  4. I can confirm that Dreger talents do not work for me, but I don’t worry about that , the last talent reset will not have been a one-off thing. I think there will be more resets.
  5. I think at some point something like a decay system will come, that will boost the economy and the constructs that are no longer used will disappear or can be dismantled by other players. One way to solve the problem elegantly. In the RL, things that are no longer used also expire.
  6. From a persistent universe, I would expect my vessel to be exactly where I left it. Except of course in PvP or on a claim from another player who can move the construct with the maneuver tool. So the considerations are actually superfluous. IMO from the website: A PERSISTENT SINGLE SERVER UNIVERSE
  7. I think in a beta you should give feedback and if many users are dissatisfied they give appropriate feedback. You are free to give positive feedback in your own Tread. I think the developers should be happy to get positive and negative feedback, that's what alpha / beta is for. Because this is the time to get different perspectives on the game. The developers and players should consider themselves lucky if the forum is used for this.
  8. Unfortunately, this decision fits in with the behavior I know at NQ, first say nothing, then do nothing.
  9. Auch von mir ein Herzliches Wilkommen und wünsche dir eine erfolgreiche Arbeit.
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