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  1. Lladz

    VOIP in game.

    I agree having VOIP on just means i cant discuss with my team when making a trade which i think is a superior use of my voice. I think text is perfectly fine and actually reduces the chances of me misunderstanding/being scammed
  2. Seems like he read the thread about name changes. Wonder if he will also slap the RSS feed on for mr. military commander
  3. Welcome. I look forward to docking at one of your massive creations or helping you make them a reality
  4. This is only for the account name. If you go to your user settings you can change your name once to any length you wish, hence my 5 letter name
  5. Yeah i dont know to what extent i would be able to do that. A solid tower seems a bit more reliable assuming i can defend it and dont care about the eyesore
  6. Oh i'm sure it would be a total eyesore and hard to defend, but maybe on a tiny moon if those ever happen? I would really need to see how the game develops as far as difficulty in transporting from ground to space. If huuuuge freighters that take forever to take off and land are developed it might be advantageous to move large quantities of material to space via some sort of automated elevator instead of many small shuttles. It will really depend on scale.
  7. I will have to think about it pretty hard but i'm already imagining a cool vertical disc shaped ship with two entrances/bays on the opposite side of the coin for people who need to trade and feel insecure about the other person shooting them. Would be awesome to build in a border system between two planets so that people coming from different factions can safely fly into the system/location from their respective origins without being afraid of the other. A marketplace for civilian trade between two warring groups so as to not disrupt the non-military folk. On second thought i am thinking way too much about it.
  8. Do we know if we will be limited to spaceships specifically or if we can sort of build anything we want a-la garry's mod? I would love to make some sort of railway transport on my planet, basically anything that can be done with a motor that's fun i will probably attempt. Curious if we will have physics restrictions for making one, could easily be a premade rail to rail-car wheel interaction. I'm also interested about the seamlessness of atmosphere and space... can i make a space elevator??
  9. Welcome aboard, Alphinon!
  10. I was under the impression that although hacking may not be in Alpha it will be a gameplay element later in the future. As someone who tends to have some pirate-y tendencies the ability to steal or otherwise mess with other people's property is intriguing. I am curious how it will all be handled and or balanced because it would be a shame for hacking to be easy enough that if i go to bed my ship will be stolen by morning. I think some sort of interesting dynamic where hacking is harder when the owner is offline (say 1 hr after last log in to avoid people disconnecting for the bonus) could help allow hacking to be a powerful tool that doesn't destroy gameplay for the more casual user. I think that as a dev i would want to encourage hacking as a gameplay mechanic when both parties have the power to do something about it - like if i break into your base and want deeper access while discouraging people from stealing ships while the owner is offline. Finding the balance might be difficult. As for multiplayer ships, i am looking forward to the implementation of my trading space station, I think a properly managed layer of secure bays for each trading mechanism could be a lot of fun to run. I was imagining some sort of trading bay for the "rougher" types where we arrange for trades by providing a secure trading space with enforcement if trade goes wrong. For the eve players - some sort of operation similar to Chribba's brokering, but for people that are actually likely to backstab you.
  11. Bienvenido! Como puedes ver en mi avatar, soy originalmente de Barcelona
  12. Welcome to the community. I look forward to calling you a flithy casual and then having you blow me up
  13. Helps the workday get off to a good start.
  14. Welcome, looks like a strong poland representation
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