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  1. I agree about the resources, and I also think that World regeneration in general should not be in the game. Whatever players create or ruin should remain in the landscape even out in the wilds beyond claimed land. For player activity to just fade away would rob the game of it's sense of mystery and history - and that for me would be a great shame. I don't want the social game to exist in fake bubbles of player claims dotted about, like in Landmark- it's just boring. And I don't think it really fits with DU
  2. I like that idea very much. I'm all for a bit of realism like that. It adds tension and excitement.
  3. I voted cryobed...seems more realistic I guess, though potentially more irritating if you're no where near one and need to log. It would be interesting if there was a way you could log out and just leave your character doing a set program of jobs...or guildies could give your toon commands and use you as a pet/helper/slave ...like thing, say if you were on a big ship and were still needed, and your leaving was a big problem for your team mates wanting to play on, or whatever... yah, I know - earth to Schwankenbast.
  4. Yes Novaquark, hope there's a kickstarter soon so I can begin throwing my money at you
  5. 'Replying to Price model, SAY NO TO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION! ' - sorry but - yes. And please - no cash shops either.
  6. I too hope there will be some truly Alien - weird and wonderful, planets to explore with Strange animals and bizarre vegetation. I admit it would be just slightly disappointing if the game was a little like the Stargate TV show, were in most alien worlds looked suspiciously like Canada
  7. How my Character looks will be very important for players like me, especially in a game like this - vast, social with thousands of players interacting. For RP gameplay even more so. I've often played or not played MMO's based on the strength of their character customisation...it means that much to me. When I look at the screenshots, everyone is walking around in helmets, which isn't going to be realistic or immersive unless you're on a planet with no oxygen. Most Players want to be able to look unique, not just be a faceless drone you can't tell apart from everyone else. I would hope that, it being a new game, DU will have at least something like Eve online's Caracter Customisation - manipulating Hair, eyes, face and body shapes, etc. I know the game is pre alpha and cc might not be a priority right now. But I just hope the Devs know how important it is to many players.
  8. Thanks for the welcome and the info!
  9. Hey everyone, I can't believe I've only just heard about DU. It sounds like the game I've been waiting for most of my gaming life, I've tried numerous Sci-if MMO's, and although I've enjoyed a few of them, none have ever really had the scope, depth or freedom to keep me there - it's great when technology catches up with your dreams - sandbox, Space, exploration, building...can't wait. And made by a company that sounds like you can have a bit of faith in for once...I'm looking at you Sony/ Daybreak Right, where can I bitch about the importance of having awesome Character Creation? heh...
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