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  1. I’m not sure this qualifies as a reward for backers at least as far as im concerned. They not even offering half the skill points I have, and over six months time. basically if a beta key guy runs out buys a subscription they to would be eligible for a fancy pack as well. It’s going to be a hard sell to the purse strings holder in my family, who coincidentally left after the first schematics debacle.
  2. I was actually referring to you not having any love for capitalism. but it seems like you have it all worked out in your head how thing are going to turn out. the main point i have been trying to make is, NQ cannot and will not succeed at forcing economics or any other type of game play down our throats. bottom line is people don't do what they don't want to do. since this is a pay to play environment there are really only 2 options: 1. suck it up and try to make it work 2. leave and go play something else. We have seen the outcome of the last schematics shenanigans, a huge portion of players left, so what makes you think it will be different this time. I'd guess most people came for the open sand box do whatever you want kind of experience, not tedious work type exercises in patients. the real world the economy is really run by the populace. no economy has ever be stimulated by over regulation or over taxation. the exact opposite is what makes people spend more, then more things get produced and so on. I generally don't do a lot of posting in forums, I find it and exercise in futility, but in this case i think that if NQ implements this change it will be the "Finishing Move" for DU. I would have preferred not to have wasted so much time.
  3. why is this not sustainable. here in America that's how things work. I'm guessing you don't come from a place where capitalism is appreciated. since you made that statement as a matter of fact with no supporting evidence. a lot of games try tied to force their version of an economy on the player and they suffered for it. that's why you don't see games developers bragging about it. NQ from the beginning used a few catch phrases open sand box (lie) player-based economy (lie) and they promised us a pet (maybe a lie). they fix those 2 things, and they will have a game they can make money at ( I can wait on my Dekker pet)
  4. It seems to be a common theme here, 1. NQ, don't deploy the schematic changes 2. NQ doesn't listen to the community Seems to me that at release DU will be DOA, kind of sucks since i put so much time into alpha and beta to "help test and structure the game"
  5. the only fix to the schematic that NQ will allow is for you to purchase additional alts until you meet you SC requirements what does NQ care about giving us the quanta back for purchased schematics, they are going to wipe the game anyway. Its just a carrot
  6. Hey you want to join our org. if we combine our band aids we might be able to make a ship
  7. I think your making some assumptions here that you can't quantify, the first is what players are going to do in regard to selling/using schematics and whether they will be worth to 0nes and zeros there printed on. personally, i see more solo factories and very limited market interactions.
  8. So many things to respond to, but somehow i think it is pointless, because NQ is going to do this regardless of what is written in these soon to be ignored forums as history tells us regarding NQ. I would say that forcing an economy is only going to force the player base into game play it doesn't want to do, which isn't healthy for profits. I say let the ability to be creative flow freely and let the quanta flow. Soon enough the player base will establish the economy. The game might get some good reviews for once which could lead to new players or old ones coming back. There are far more pressing issues than trying to force an economy they cannot hope to achieve. Its in the players nature to exploit, work around or just plain ignore game features they find distasteful.
  9. after listening to the last podcast, i think this is no longer an open sandbox. I also think that a few things are happening here. 1. Someone is trying to force their version of an economy down our throats. which never works (because they are not encomiast) and is not very open sand box. 2. The more likely reason is that they are forcing a need for more alts (income proposes). in any case, once this is implemented and NQ figures out, they broke the game again and people that do mass industry leave and don't come back just like before, it will be a bit too late for them to figure out that they only make the game they don't run it or pay for it. I am the DeFacto leader of Shadow Templar and after this is implemented, we will no longer provide tokened Caterpillar elevators or ships to the general public. This is due to the fact that this change will not allow us to maintain the ability to produce the parts necessary to maintain token sales. Just FYI whatever nut said players don't make money outside the market clearly doesn't know what's going on in the game they are attempting to develop. In Shadow Templar's case we have never sold parts as a means of income, yet we are fairly wealthy and self-sufficient.
  10. I can see this being an issue for me, as I am not a war like individual nor am I big on being part of a huge organization. Kind of the little guy if you will. I could see the little guy getting pushed to join or else or even constantly harassed by "pirates" until they either have to join or just quite. anyone that has played EVE knows this is how Goonswarn started, now they are a huge problem. something has to keep the solar system from being lawless.
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