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  1. So it still does not work after todays patch. Or... it worked once then no more. As with the "bottom of the buildbox" thing i wrote about. It worked once and no more. Why does it work once?
  2. Ok we solved it. Apparently the landing gear has to be in the very bottom of the build box. Then it is easy to land and dock, even with manouver tool. If the gear is not situated there one cannot land. I will rebuild my xs ship and make some experiments tonight. So. There seems to be a solution that allows you to dock, but the ships has to be built with landinggear in the absolute bottom of buildbox.
  3. I cant dock even with a xs shuttle with landing-gear. I feel that this is becominb problematic. DU should study the game Empyrion that actually has a working docking solution.
  4. That, the log off thing, will be a big problem if there is a downtime that is longer and perhaps unexpected. If I am disconnected then I might have to go to work or so, and cannot be there when the server is up again.
  5. I warned for this before the beta was released. The game is amazing but if too many fundamental parts of the game are fucked up, new people that join will freak out. It is beta. But even when joining a beta one expects that some aspects of the game function. Like the tutorial. Like that there is not 3544454533 hovers on the landingpad in alioth. 🙂 I am an alpha tester and i love the game. I will stay. But how many of the new players will stay? Perhaps those that joined a good corporation in a place not too laggy. But the rest? And the login issue is devastating for the game. Another game i played early access on, that allowed the use of alts, gave a free new account and character to all with tjis kind of gamebreaking account-problems. The silence on these matters might scare away even old-timers. That have not been able to log in for perhaps 8 days and that have not received a proper message from the DU team yet.
  6. I am 28 hours too early it seems like. 🙂 But now i have another problem. I cant link Discord to NDA. "Something went wrong with your account. Please retry in a few minutes."
  7. I retried and get error 100, http error
  8. I want to try Dual Univetrtse again. But when i try to log in i cant do so. I get something called error 4. I thought the servers are on 24/7 now. Am i wrong?
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