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  1. Dynamic construct physics simulation requires someone to be on board to make the physics tick, none of those calculations are done on the server. The easiest way to recover the ship is to fly a smaller ship close to it and dock. The harder way is to get someone to fly you there, position yourself on top of it so you fall on it instead of the planet, and jump on it. This can be fairly difficult if it's close to a planet where gravity is fairly high. Not very fun to say the least.
  2. Dynamic constructs are static until you either activate a control unit on it, or use the maneuver tool on it. Elements are immune to damage when using the maneuver tool. If you try to fly it while it's partly underground, the behavior isn't set in stone and depends on how deep the construct is in the ground. So you can dig them out without worrying about element damage.
  3. Maybe asteroid mining will be more feasible after the patch, since ore prices are coming down pretty fast. That will affect warp cells as well.
  4. I agree that the beta tag is an issue when a new player comes and sets expectations based on it, doesn't know what happened and why it's like this. But there's not much to be done about it, NQ can't just freeze the feature set right now and call the game ready.
  5. Wow this got derailed fast DU is alright, Demeter has it's problems sure, but it's not a complete trainwreck as the vocal ppl make it sound like. Won't stop me from playing, I actually hadn't played in a few months, but came back when I heard about the coming changes. We'll see how it ends up like, but I see more good than bad in it. Not everyone is mad about it, there's players like me who are actually waiting for the patch silently while the forums burn down with hate.
  6. We need more info on what the new system is really like. The small video and code snippets don't really tell enough to judge how it is. What worries me is that if the script file size limit isn't increased, the Saga HUD will have serious issues. Even if it would be possible to recreate the UI elements with the new system, it will require new code to do, and we don't have the space for new code...
  7. In eve I didn't produce anything, everything was bought from the markets. I understand what the devs are aspiring for, it was better done now rather than 6 months later when players are even more used. For new players the current way will be the norm. There will just be this weird adjustment period when the markers aren't mature yet, availability poor, not a lot of demand for ores, money making methods limited etc. If you don't have a money making method you enjoy, don't force the unwanted gameplay on yourself, wait for other methods to be implemented.
  8. Don't use static sizes like px, pixels change and aren't constant. Use relative units like vw/vh and %. In SVG's use a viewbox.
  9. I think the problem is that the game went in to beta too early, players flocked in and are now disappointed when NQ changes things to be more in line what they envision for the game. The game right now is not ready for casual players, as JC has said now is the time to build the foundations for the society, the average player doesn't have the time or interest to be that invested in a game. If it's too hard now, come back in a couple years and give it another try when the features and playerbase is more mature. It's alright to wait. Being frustrated that the game isn't complete is understandable. There might also be a disconnect with what some people want the game to be and what the game tries to be. It's trying to be an alternative reality, with all the hardships that entails, not a theme park. At least right now, maybe there'll be theme parks some day who knows. It's impossible to please the creative (in the infinite resources sense) crowd who just want to build a cool deathstar in a week that everyone will visit and be in awe, and the 15h/day "I live in this world more than the real world and want the deathstar to be a real achievement requiring months of work" players. The game being incomplete is probably the reason why there's almost zero advertising for the game.
  10. Thanks for all the tips! LUA is new to me so it's been a learning process, with all the DU quirks added and documentation a bit lacking, not the easiest thing. Maybe with a global table and xpcall I'll get it working like I want, I'll try this in the next project, refactoring the current one would be a lot of work. I'm using a clipboard manager now so at least the whole thing won't be erased if the board happens to reset again.
  11. I've been playing with this and the two showstoppers seem to be 1) No error reporting 2) No access to unit or system from within the local script Maybe I'm doing something wrong and these can be remedied, but I couldn't figure it out.
  12. I did this for a while, but then I accidentally clicked paste config instead of copy.. Maybe if I got in to the habit of doing it really often it wouldn't be a big deal ? I'll have to take a look at the clipboard manager, also found out win10 has it's own (win + v), not sure if it's as good though.
  13. Have you ever come back to a working board and opened the LUA interface, just to find it completely empty? I already made a ticket and all, I'm just interested in hearing if anyone else has run in to this issue. And maybe if someone has, is there some way to avoid it in the future? What causes it? I wish there was an easy way to work the boards with local files like the seat autoconf, since after this debacle I'm afraid of doing any work on the board itself, if it happened once, why wouldn't it happen again. No way to do automatic backups in-game. Especially when I had a backup board, but it got wiped as well, so I guess it was something to do with the code itself.
  14. DU never gives you the option to assign all cores to voxel calculations. That wouldn't make any sense, there's other processing to do as well, like physics, game logic, networking etc. Pretty much everyone sees 50% of their cores assignable to voxels.
  15. Just ran in to the fact that getElementById doesn't exist. Would make things a lot easier.
  16. Ship movement is physics based like in ED, but weapons lock on like in EvE, so I guess I'd describe more as a hybrid.
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