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  1. That's disappointing. ED's combat is more like a sim, whether the flight physics is "true" or not I don't know but it is actually fun. Eve's combat is "Executive Control" and not my thing really. Oh well.
  2. I've been playing Eve Online for 3 years, I reckon I have another 2 years to achieve my goals. Proper adult game where some element of risk accompanies every action. Combat system is not for everyone, me included, I'm an industrialist/businessman/scout/diplomat/thief and general scoundrel. For fun I play Elite Dangerous (open play) and (try to) blow stuff up and scout/explore.
  3. I'm interested in DU, I'm a longterm Eve-online player who sometimes vacations in Elite Dangerous. Seemingly DU potentially offers the best of both, i.e. something like the Eve universe with maybe ED combat overlaid. I watched some of the vids and gameplay looks good but the graphics quality is pretty poor. Is this just the "alpha" effect or the expected quality the game will have?
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