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  1. I understand all the features are not implemented, but I think you should consider the order of implementation. The quoted paragraph above mentions how Trading is not good because people aren't using the markets enough. Which leads to the desire to have people need to use the market, so the decision was to stop people from just making everything they want and lead them to purchase it instead. I mean, I see the logic there. However, consider the source of income. The ONLY source of any input into the player's ownership of anything other than an empty inventory. Mining, and the 100k login bonus. There is no demand for things because we can make things, but there is also no income to buy things other than what we already do to make the things in the first place. Mining. With recent changes people are forced to sell ore to to the bots and pray someone near them is selling a thing they want. Item off world? Welp, too bad you dont have a ship yet so mine some more and maybe someday someone on your planet will be selling that thing you like for a price you can afford. Trying not to go off on all the tangents while I rant, but the core of it is this: Add more input before you force more output. Add things for players to do to get income, or 'progress' in some form, before adding a vacuum that sucks out income and progress. This last update was heavy on the output when we do not have nearly enough input. In a Dev build, its fine if there is no input/output balance because its just QA and focus testing. But the impression for Public Beta (Paid, but public) is an expectation of playability. The 23 update kicked that one in the pants and brought all of us to a screeching halt. Additionally, the skill reset just happened out of nowhere. Understandable, and maybe even needed, but have you tried to edit that training queue? I had the next 150+ days planned out. Now its zeroed, with all my other skills.. which i have no idea if i had level 3,4 or 5. The combination of industry stopping, schematic requirements, and rebuilding my character and queue simply to get back to less than where i was before industry wise... not just disheartening but hours of work im just not up to doing. WORK mind you, not 'fun game time'. Not something I look forward to, not like a chore that simply needs to be done. Someone burned my house down and I have to get in there with a mop and start cleaning up the mess.
  2. I crash a lot. I build my ships with more aesthetic focus than function, and often they handle like crap when loaded. Crashed again yesterday hovering at about 200 kph and booped a hill. Exploded half my ship, including my seat, and resurrection pad. Had to fly back from home with a spare, and start repairing ... again. This change would really effect me and I have no PVP whatsoever. If that is the intent, well ok then. But still, this would be a very big impact for me. And I'm already SICK of paying through the nose for T3 scrap to fix my ship all the time. (I did it with T1s, and it took me over 16 hours of repair time actual, hooray audiobooks)
  3. The core unit lets you get a list of element uids, and even get some information about those elements using the API. But we cant DO anything with those elements. If we could get an element object without directly linking it to the programming board it would be a huge help. So I propose adding getElementById(uid) to the Core Unit APIs. With this you can, when iterating through id's from getElementIdList(), find industry elements, and check status. Are they jammed? Which ones? With this you could find out which of the hundreds of industry elements is actually not producing to do an 'internal server error' so you don't have to check them all manually after every server restart. You could also 'fix' them remotely with that same script because all you have to do is stop() then start() them again. Which would be simple to do if you already had the element as you are iterating through the list. This would circumvent the need to link everything directly, of which I do not know the impact. Though currently you COULD achieve this by chain linking dozens of programming boards and data links, and writing one bear of a lua script to manage it. And you would have to link every new industry placed to the 'system'. Possible, but ridiculously inconvenient. And solved by one API call addition described above.
  4. I've been moving and rearranging my base constantly as I grow, and figure out better ways to organize as well as make things a little more aesthetically pleasing. In many instances, I need to move an entire section of containers etc and moving them one at a time is a real chore. If I could select all of them, and move them as a group, that would save me a LOT of effort and sanity. A big quality of life improvement. How I see it working is the user would have the Move Element Tool equipped, and CNTRL + Left Click to mark each Element you wish to move in the group. And Arrow Key (Shift Arrow key) them into the new location. They would pass/fail as a group. So if one element goes out of bounds, or collides with another the whole group goes red and cannot be placed. Once you get them to the new position, and they are all blue and clear. Hit enter to place them just like you would a single item being moved with arrow keys.
  5. Currently the dispenser has no notification of use, or logging to that effect. Your money is just different (when paid to you) and items removed from the container. (As expected). Problem is if you have many dispensers around to sell various items, you have absolutely no way of determining if any of them have been used or need to be refilled other than manually checking each one. This could be problematic if you have them at multiple marketplaces, or even multiple worlds. Also not having a record/notification of why my money total has changed seems to me to be something that really should happen.
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