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  1. That is fine. Live and let live. I've heard excellent things about SWG, so those who wish to relive those moments from a long past game can freely do so. I'm assuming SWG had quite the in-game economy, so there's no harm in drawing a comparison. DU can take elements from that and improve on them. The process of evolution, isn't that exciting.
  2. Quintet is another game, but it is very very primitive (you only get the exterior view of the ship, and predefined player roles), and the game community is essentially dead by now. It was quite good while it lasted.
  3. The image in the original post was only a header for posting purposes. You may see the actual insignia in the below signature. You may say it still remains a bit busy, but the overall effect is a lovely modern and geometric twist on traditional emblematic styles.
  4. Not sure if Nyzaltar saw this, but wondering if it would actually be possible
  5. I notice that you say interested parties can PM the FWA and be added to the list of "free sovereign states", but I wonder about individual membership. Can an individual exist as a member of the FWA, or is this for states, organizations, and/or collective entities only? We share our militaries for the purpose of civil defense, War time purpose's and Espionage against other Alliances like that other one on this page..*cough* Could you please clarify as to which specific organization you are referring? Also, to voice some specific concerns of mine, I'd like to gather a better idea of exactly what kinds of benefits a player would receive should he or she choose to assign him/herself under your interstellar nuclear umbrella. Perhaps the one thing I see is the "rights and freedom of individual(ists)", but an individual easily is already granted this inherent right without joining any alliance or organization, and undoubtedly to a greater degree at that. I'd like to gain a sense of any further benefits members would receive upon joining; if there are none and members would join based on a "cause", what might that cause be? Thank you for any advice or light you may be able to shed on the preceding topics.
  6. The Cinderfall Syndicate was once known as the Nexus Corporation, a well-connected paramilitary and research conglomerate at the forefront of experimental technology. Before we left our old homeworld Earth, the U.N. and various other governments around the world consumed resources, fought wars, and ravaged the land in an endless cycle of self-destruction until Earth had become a burnt cinder of its former glory. The Arkships were built as a scapegoat for these governments’ mistakes. They called the Arkship program “Project Rebirth”, advertised as salvation from the rapidly approaching HR 8210 IK Pegasi supernova’s child neutron star, but the star played no role in the U.N.’s program. Earth would have long been drained and depleted before then. Project Rebirth was a facade, a scandal to cheat the whole of humanity and cater to the elite. With the fate of Earth seemingly sealed despite its best efforts, Nexus embraced a final attempt to bring humanity aboard the Arkships: Project Cinderfall. The cybernetworking capabilities of Nexus were at that time second to none, acclaimed as the most advanced in the world, allowing Nexus to infiltrate the United Nations’ biased Arkship selection algorithm. What had once been designed to save only the corrupt elite now encompassed a diverse population across Earth. If the earth were the white hot flame of humanity, we are but cinders falling from our doomed homeland. Our new destiny: to rise again from the ashes, reborn as a Phoenix... Explore Cinderfall > here <
  7. You flew an Orca? I loved that ship...it was such a beauty, but expensive. Edit: I was referring to the Orca in Elite, not EVE. Slight bit of confusion there
  8. Astrophil

    Moving a planet

    You know that makes me wonder if Earth and the Solar System would actually exist as an actual system in the game. It would be fascinating if players could enter our Solar System with their ship and see its remains, if there were any.
  9. The Astrophil Foundation for Janitorial Empowerment is also accepting donations and pledges at this time.
  10. Hello Dead8Eye! Welcome to the DU forums!
  11. This is all very reminiscent of Elite...I'm guessing former player here?
  12. This would be more applicable towards large organization posts, but what I propose (for these forums) is the ability to allow editing privileges for multiple people on a single post. This facilitates easier revisions and edits for posts concerning two or more people. Mostly this would encompass recruitment/introduction posts for organizations started by multiple users, so that User 1 may start the post, add User 2 in the "Able to edit" field, so that users are able to edit a post even with the original poster offline. The only issue occurs when two or more people are editing the same post at the same time, which could lead to interesting revisions...
  13. You have now surpassed my post count within a span of two weeks by over 100 posts...almost as many as Nyzaltar by now. Getting jaded are we?
  14. That's an extra feature, available for only $19.99 a month* *Excluding costs associated with or affected by total destruction of planet Alioth, anger of the dev gods, flamethrower fuel costs, and fluctuating tax rates. Please note that flamethrowers require special fuel and will not accept jet fuel, as jet fuel does not melt steel beams. Common health effects of janitorial flame cleaning include but are not limited to: heart attacks, heart failure from body swelling, strokes, high blood pressure, kidney problems including kidney failure, bleeding, stomach and intestinal ulcers, low red blood cell concentration (also known as anemia), life-threatening skin reactions, life-threatening allergic reactions, liver problems including liver failure, asthma, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, gas, heartburn, nausea, comiting, dizziness, itching, poppage of eyes, revocation of Alioth citizenship, revocation of Swiss citizenship, and slow, painful death by melting at over 780 Kelvin.
  15. CONVERSSSE! I wouldn't mind galaxy patterned high tops or the Alioth landscape with an Arkship silhouette....
  16. An idea I had about this was to make any land-based constructs (houses, buildings, etc. but not spaceships, weapons, etc.) temporary, except for maybe a few particular landmarks as exceptions. Say anything you built on Alioth's terrain was there for 48 hours, then it would poof disappear. This way, new players could get a feel for the game, learn the ropes, build and experiment, without ruining the starting planet for others.
  17. Once the game is actually launched, this pre-beta forum will be long gone, so I don't quite see the point. In addition, I guarantee that Cinderfall, while not an empire in the traditional sense, will most definitely "have influence." *cue evil laugh*
  18. Not particularly. The Rift itself too needs a separate motion sensor on a stand on a desk. You won't be able to see either the wall sensors nor the Rift's motion sensor while using the headset, so I don't particularly see the problem here. The biggest distinguishing point here is the price, seeing as the Vive is a good $200 more than the Rift.
  19. Welcome to DU, Azrael! @Nora: Top Secret
  20. I would then suggest amending the title to "Known Organizations Register" or just "Organizations Register"
  21. Welcome to DU! I believe there is one other Aussie here on the forums. I think you two make up the Australian one percent *heehee* Apologies for the cringy pun.
  22. I have a feeling Nyzaltar will reply to this with something along the lines of: "It's not planned for alpha, but I will present this idea to the dev team. It's a very interesting idea that could be a great game mechanic, but it will be difficult to implement." Or something like: "We have been having discussions within the dev team about this concept, although it is not yet planned to be implemented in alpha."
  23. My take on this entire thread is that it was a rather superfluous suggestion on a very trivial topic that distracts from the primary purpose of these forums, which is one of providing feedback, ideas, and support in order to bring Dual Universe to a successful launch. I would in fact suggest that no more be said on this topic and invite all to explore some other fascinating topics on the forums.
  24. Technically, the name change is not a one time name change. I believe you are able to change your display name once every ten years.
  25. Welcome to DU, Experia! Ditto to Nora up there.
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