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  1. Pictures or I smell a trap to lure innocent tourists into a pvp trap
  2. "Eve Online" must be doing something right, I mean it exists for many, many years now. Maybe there can be learned something from there. In Eve you have 3 different zones - High Space, which is pretty secure (though you can still grief there, if you want, just with high penalty). Then you have a "Low Security" zone, and then you have a "Null Security" zone, where everything is allowed (rules there only are player-made). I stopped playing Eve a couple of years ago, but until then ofc they hat the same type of discussion there, too, between PVP and not-PVP players. But in the end they stayed with all 3 zones, they did NOT completely abandon the safe zone.
  3. Same here. Furthermore I took down my small starter base, removed all voxels and the core. But part of it is still there out of building mode, even after 3 days.
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