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  1. We make some really great builds and have a good time while doing it. You can see pics of some of our builds on NQ posts and videos. Here is a nice ships bridge from the Newton's Folly
  2. If you like making things with Voxels there isn't really anything else around that compares at the moment. If you are looking for more a space sim or something I would wait a bit.
  3. You can check out Voxel Studio (from Voxel Farm). It's about $20 for a year sub from memory. It functions a little differently than DU (it's a bit more like a 3d program in selection, dragging, filling etc) but you can get the same results and it's about as comprehensive as you can get from Voxel software. I don't know if it's going to fill your requirements of 'fast'. I have struggled with the controls a bit so found it quite slow going. If you do get it and find yourself scratching your head send me a message and we can discuss on discord or something.
  4. discordauth:lPcoRyhOF8oriF43MMgDYj0GZPt5bac9zjZLk-43_II=

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