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  1. If you periodically wipe DU there is litterally no reason to not play another game that does flying or shooting better. I'm not saying that timers that bite of big fractions of the day are the greatest thing since sliced bread, but if I wanted to play another game I'd play another game.
  2. It is an issue, I lended my alt to somebody I know IRL and even though I've known him since preschool and we have contact regularily, it was awful and unmanagable. I'd give him what he needed to progress every time he found himself in front of an obstacle, he'd rip out all the elements, build something less functional for 3 days, try his luck once at what he wanted to do, and then either decide it was beneath him or waste another week on a crappy method. Like the guy was convinced he'd be mining faster if he first carved a tunnel grid into the tile, spent easily like 2 days tunneling before he turned his scanner on once... And thus I watched him fail upwards, and just kept providing him with more stuff, and more RDMS priviledges he kept constantly whining for instead of using the [filtered]ing game mechanism I tried to teach him for once. One day I show up and he basically helped himself for about 800kl ore... That is after allready having splurged every quanta he ever made when we split up bounty. Yup after he spent his, he started taking my half. Allways for projects stupider than the one before too, the guy had never hauled more than 300t and was sinking his ressources in a dynamic L core that filled out the whole space of the core, by the time I kicked him out of my account. Honestly I tolerate him bc I know him IRL, but it's really impressive how imperveous he is to advice and how talented he is to allways try the worst method first, which compounds into something truely awful because he can stick with something for years if it half worked once, and keep blaming it on the cirumstances if doesn't work when it shouldn't. Skilled all my talents to lvl3 too, even the ones I have at 5 on my main, he was just too special for any kind specialisation or planning ahead.. So yeah we need something beyond RDMS and the mere trust that participants will hold their end of the bargain. Noobs risk to be exploited, orgs risk to have monitor their members constantly. At the moment we could like, gate certain zones, with double airlocks that assure there is allways just one person per lane, then transfer unit what they bring or get, out and into the lane, let LUA track the whole thing... But omitting the design and programming challenges of theftproof member bays... So what you happen to request 400kl you need to either stay in "decontamination shower" until the transfer unit is done or have a superlegate present?! Sure we could do loads of bookkeeping via LUA, but that's like a full-on programming job, and not the most fun at that, and you might still hit some hard walls. So there are ways, but it's far from optimal, or even feasible for many players that are not programmers... There should be way, way easier solutions that don't require extensive knowledge of LUA, human ressources, and building an out-of-bonds glitchfree base.
  3. Sorry for the sarcasm. Sometimes I am just baffled. <- this was allready written before zarcata posted. ngl you had me in the first half because I'm feeling kinda guilty I might have went overboard. Anyway... Here is something I've read more than once recently: players going bankrupt since demeter. And really like, what? I don't get it, did they just pay 3 weeks of tax in advance, on god knows how many tiles, see how it goes? Seriously what's the worst tile you ever scanned, do you happen to live on a similar tile, if so why? Not trying to be condescending here just trying to think through it. You wanted to sustain your tiles by selling ore. You needed 1 000 000 per tile. T1 will allways sell at least 25 quanta. That's 40k T1 a week, any liter above is pure profit. I mean if it's that what you want, a foolprof low effort way to have a passive income. 40k divided per 7, that's 5714 liter a day, 238 liter an hour. Basically, 2 basic mining units L can sustain a tile with a few talents trained, not necessarily up to level5, what's left over is for you. You can further boost income with adjacancy bonus, the guy with the white wolf avatar claims to manage a 7 tile flower with one account IIRC, I'd be interested to know how he splits up his calibrations. If he doesn't want to divulge his strategy that's fine too, but let's have transparancy instead of narrative, if you're unhappy show us your worst scans and tell us why you'd wanna stay there, what are your best scans in comparison if you have no particular reason for staying? And remember all of that is just for the low effort foolproof way to turn a profit. I am aware that sticking to that businessmodel, currently the "obvious" instinct is to increase the worth of the output of each MU, by going for more expensive ore. Thus the prices of higher ores keeps falling, and oh no maybe will stop hauling higher ores to the safezone alltogether... except then prices will raise again it might take a while but they will, and in the meantime if the price of the ores is anything to say about the price of the elements, the relative buying power of somebody who joined the game just yesterday is way higher compared to what it was 4 months ago. I don't monitor the prices of elements, but fuel and scraps are cheap at the moment. In my eyes all of this creates opportunities for trading playstyles. It took schematics to make me care about quanta, I could have solo grinded this until all the ores in all the planets got sparse, still havent touched a milliliter of the t4 and t5 I hoarded... So as I said it might take a while for the prices of those ores to rise again, but eventually everybody will want to fly the hottest stuff, I strongly suspect I am particularely patient when it comes to that. Let us have a look at the big picture here: Before we had a theoretically infinite supply of quanta, and a finite amount of ore. Now to be clear, many act like it was allready all tapped, but tell you what I found and bought about 4 T1 meganodes, all in a 120km radius around D6 as late as spring-summer 2021. But ultimatively the ore supply was finite. Now we have both an infinite supply of quanta, in form of missions, and an infinite supply of ore, but are very much only capped by the time it takes to enact those mechanisms. NQ was well advised to act prudently and not shower us in ore, it could only have delivered another talking point to the wipists. As it stands, I'd prefer less pressure to play too, less of a hamsterwheel, just let us split up our time into less frequent but longer sessions, but still persistence does need to be rewarded (I've elaborated my precise thoughts on MU rebalancing somewhere in this forum earlier). And then all would be fine for a moment, a cheap supply of ressources, means we can play and fill the worlds with megaprojects more easily, there are still huge ressource sinks to fill in that regard, but they're more like landfills rather than actual sinks. Long term a lack of sinks will be an issue but that's not where we are right now.
  4. [filtered] yeah let's gate every tile such that they're all the same, that way there is no need for trade and specialisation, god forbid strategy should have anything to do with. No give everyone the same, linear and singular path to success. While we're at it fix all prices so a player knows in advance how much they earn in a given time, and fix them such that no matter how disjointed the players plan from the ingame economy is, all strategies, no matter how poorly thought out, need to allways reward the player equally. That oughta create ambition and a player driven universe.
  5. This is what it will (not can) achieve: They have the illusion of a level playing field for half a weekend, before they realize they have jobs and are months away from actually doing something in the game, redact a roman worth of bitching before ditching the game.
  6. Damn you quote function making formatting impossiible on the smartphone why am I above the quote? Anyway I was not as lucky, could it be that the date when the core was put down plays a huge role in this?
  7. My friend, picture this: In a ship dedicated to the task, you have 1 screen per MU, it shows all the info the MU does, as well as when it was last updated. On your bore-stations you have transponder that can submit status to the ship if you push a button on the ship. The little MU interface is DRM protected and watermarked, so orgs can use it as a valid proof of work: accept hauler into hangar, weigh ore, double check on the screens he actually calibrated and not just emptied the containers, pay him for his work.
  8. 100%at least an api so you display all the info on a screen without having to open the MU menu. Yeah I still like the idea of skittle roomba too, aaaand it would set them a few steps closer towards implementing npc.
  9. Look the answer kind of went over my head too but as I understand it, it does not add what you're talking about and I alluded to... It's more like you can code pokemon go in lua with it, scripts that use player orientation so to speak.
  10. Hm, I wound up making my peace with the system but since NQ could be convinced to revise it, I'll make a list of suggestions that I think would make the MU more bearable, while not completly loosing all sense of scale, because as it stands, if managed properly they definitly are profitable even at bot prices. -Tax cycle 10-14 days. Idk why but I like the idea of it not falling the same weekday forever better, less repetitive. -Calibration start degrading after 72 instead of 48 hours. -Degradation should be such that if set on 100%, monday at 00:00(am) from thursday 00:00(am) to sunday 23:59, it shouldn't degrade more than 30-45%, and by the end of the tax cycle, if not recalibrated there should still be around 10%-35% calibration left. -It takes 60 hours instead of 40 to get 10 charges. -The maximum amount of charges that can be stored is doubled, so 20 charges. -Harvesting ground rocks is allways as fast as it is for 25l rocks, no waiting allmost 10seconds for 400l, remember they're a reward for the overeager. Together these changes would it make such a player can still manage the same number of tiles, calibration wise, but doesn't loose calibrations so long as he logs in once every 5 days, to have perfect calibrations rates, MU need to be recalibrated every 3 instead of 2 days, but as tax pressure is lower, it's less of a problem to not manage a tile perfectly, while it's still allmost as hard to grab a lot of land for a long time.
  11. Unless you specifically deactivated DRM on your structures, requisitioners can not blueprint them either, nor copy paste voxelmancy into another structure.
  12. -Be careful not to spawn shipwrecks in the pipes. -I'm happy the current talent screen gets scrapped, I even preferred the one we had before. -Camera LUA api... So like special cockpit viewmodes we can customize? Pretty cool. Will we be able to still use screens and buttons in a custom camera mode? Like say I give myself a overshoulder third person view, can I still push buttons in the cockpit? Can it affect visitors? Like could you do puzzles with resident evil like viewing angles? -Impatient to see the new vertex tools. -I hope you are not playing with the idea of making dynamic cores claimable. Ships that are suspended in the air are a nuisance, but contrary to land, which is finite in mutliple ways, I don't think we can justify taking ships from inactive players. I think I made this suggestion before but here is what I would wish for: Zones can be "tagged" as parking, it's an area where if you fully halt your ship (be it landing or logging out with velocity to be restored) special rules apply. First hour is totally free. After that you get spawned into a parking lot. It would show an animation similar to taking the shuttle to sanctuary if you choose to go to the parking lot by yourself. You can also pay parking fees to keep having your ship physically present in game, like for dispenser shops on the market plattform. Once you retrieve your ship from parking, you're shown a little animation again, and spawn in one of the many docks in front of the parking lot, allways the dock that has been inactive longest, to avoid queues or crashing or what have you. On the problem of inactive ships suspended in flying paths... I have a solution that doesn't allow for griefing but it's weird: if a construct has been suspended mid-air for too long or the account is inactive, and someone crashes into it, it won't take damage, but it will ragdoll away and land wherever momentum takes it (and not restore velocity if it was ragdolled away). That way there is still air mines, but at least you can only crash once into them, tell yourself you took one for the team, and get on with your life.
  13. Heh EMP kamikaze not bad. Just hard to understand from a lore perspective why it couldn't be mounted on a big ship but the idea is kind of cool. (unless you require it to touch the target, but that seems like an unreasonable difficulty) Slowdown on hit is also a bit unrealistic, but from a gameplay perspective pretty cool, a little nitpick: how about a hit slows down 2%, but a shot slows down the attacker by about 0,1 to 0,2%, you could miss 9 to 19 shots and still find yourself in a comparable situation if you get that one hit, to try again for another cycle so to say.
  14. oh man I struggled so hard to find a decent starting lane to get momentum with the speeder in what I presume must have been an older hovermode, and no airfoil providing lift, even that swamp shrubbery was terrifying 😃 I dread the day they come back I'm still exclusively flying "plane" type ships to this day
  15. The way I see it, many of those survival games added these craft-tree timesinks to boost the average amount of time played by each player. In empyrion's case it's just most striking what a vapid filler material it is, others didn't make it as bad as bad as empyrion, some even make it work very well. Should you ever transcend the bold part, I beg you to spread that wisdom in the real world, you'd be onto something world changing.
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