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  1. It would be extremely useful, if we could switch on with a key the "x-ray view" during Build Mode, that would allow us to see where the elements are by blending out any honeycombs from the view, or blending them out to some extend (slightly visible). This would ease a lot the placement of elements in tight places that are otherwise hidden behind walls.
  2. It would be useful to have a feature, that would allow to switch a smaller core with a larger one, provided the player made enough space for the new core to hold.
  3. Yes, after some weeks of observation now, I still agree with the initial posting. The current taxation brings me slowly closer and closer each week to bankruptcy. Today is the first week I cannot pay anymore in time for all my territories, and I need them because of the mining I do on them. In around 4 to 5 weeks from now, I will be totally bankrupt and unable even to fly around because the fuel amount I need is too big for making it inside my nano crafter. Already now, I just stay ingame for a few minutes only to calibrate the MUs, and since ay other activity is too costly, I just leave the game after those few minutes of calibration. I renew my former suggestions again (one, some, or all should be implemented by NQ): - increase the amount of fully calibrated mininung units a player can have at the same time by 16 to 32 from whatever it is now. - re-calibration only needed over time when the match was below 100%, but at 100% it stays calibrated as "disturbing forces are eleminated" - the weekly teerritory tax needs to be lower, maybe half of what it is now
  4. I just refer to what PVP lovers in this thread here stated: that they prefer the challenge to hunt and kill ships with weapons, ships of other PVP players. That unarmed vessels are not really their focus. Unless these were lies of PVP players, my idea would be a good one, as the SSD would make just unarmed ships in PVP space safer. The PVP players can still kill each other, and I won't ever stop it. So, I do not see why the PVP lobby has so many fears of SSD-equipped ships (which actually equals our fear of armed ships so it is just and fair). Unless, their arguments were just lies, and with lies you can't have a proper discussion. But i want to trust them, and so I accept their argument that they not really look for unarmed ships. So, why so much resistance against SSDs if that would not affect at all their main target ships - other PVP ships? And thus I continue to promote my suggestion.
  5. It would be useful, if the search phrase inside the market search field could handle the * sign as placeholder. This way, we could search in a more effective way for items. - Gamers, if you support my suggestion, please post your support - only then the developers can see the big interest in our community -
  6. Hirnsausen

    Small MUs

    Small MUs as T2, T3, T4 and T5 variant are needed, as the yields of those ore categories are very low. - If you agree, please post your agreeent, only then the developers can see the interest in the community -
  7. Many speeders, due to their attempt to achieve low drag, are very slim. The smallest retro rocket we currently can get, is the S size. Too wide in its dimensions. I suggest the Retro Rockets XS. This would close a gap open since a long time. When agreeing, please post that you agree. Only then the developers will see the need. Thanks, stay safe.
  8. Amazing how long you all stick to my suggestion. I admit, I never expected such a big interest in the discussion of a Self-Detonation Device. Sees, My suggestion trul gets attention. Even so much attention, that other players (like you) start to develop possible scenarios involving the Self Destruction Device, and strategies. Cool! I decided to give you a Blue Heart for your assistance. Yes, I agree with you, such a SDD would create possibilities for new strategies. I want to thank you cordially for helping to perfectionalize such an SSD. The scenarious you created are interesting, and I will incorporate them into some more suggestios for the SSD. When the dveloers read your two scenarios and consider an SSD, they too will use your two scenarios as help to find ways what is possible and what not. Like, can an SSD harm any uninvolved ship, and such. Good point I like it, if other players are constructive and help developing the SSD. Ummm, what other scenarios could you think of? The more scenarios, the better. Good ones, bad ones - all is welcme.
  9. Yes, I could support the motion, that the rocks glow only when the harvest tool is active. Would make sense. Without glowing, the rocks would still have some minor differences, but not so easy to see.
  10. I created a suggestion about the same problem, here inside the Idea Box forum. My suggestion is, that the mining talents on level 5 allow for 16 or even 32 fully calibrated mining units more than the current maximum amount. But I agree, that T3, 4, 5 seems to be so low in yield amount, that the earning is just the same or less than with T1 and 2. Maybe intended. Is the purpose to equalize the earning of each territory? Could be. However, the market prices have fallen very deep, and many players find it hard to earn any money with mining. And there are many players, who maily rely on mining.
  11. With the revamping of the mining, some of the tools are not needed any longer. While other tools are still needed. I am proposing here some new tools. 1. Existing Construct Tool 2: - increase maximum size to the dimensions of an L core - to save honeycomb usage and follow building logics, add an option for HOLLOW shapes (minimum required wall thickness), add another option for open ends - add cone (rounded and straight walls), torus (with variable middle opening size), various more shapes like a cube with one side rounded, etc. - allow to rotate by user-deined angles 2. New Construct Tools: - tool to resize all axes or just one) or scew voxel areas 3. Existing Construct Tool 7: - add an option to copy honeycombs and elements within the selected area 4. New Landscaping Tool: - tools 2 and 5 can build tunnels and rooms underground, but with irregular shapes causing lots of data. Instead, I can envision a tool to build tunnels and rooms, that can be expanded up to the area of an L core, and the shape would be - like the excavations - a simple cube or cylinder that can be modified (scale, axis-scaling) and also rotation and angling should become possible, like for tunnels that go diagonally down into the soil. Optionally, soil can be stored in inventory, and used for building same shapes with this tool. Dear fellow players, if you refer to any of my mentioned tools, please use that associated number, and if you suggest own new tols, kndly add a number to them, too (first chek the numbers other gamers might use for their suggestins).
  12. Interesting. I will follow. Can other players be invited into this construct?
  13. At the moment, I earn just 10 M Q each week, and after territory taxes, I have only less than 4 M Q left. Due to the resulting constrains in fuel, I cannot do much flying around. I cannot sustain myself. I believe, other players encounter similar situations. I suggest, to change the mining units skill in a slight way, that we can use some more calibrated mining units - maybe 16 or 32 more than possible now. I would see this as a balancing measurement.
  14. Well, still good to mention such things. Once the destination is known, the way towards can be built.
  15. Ahhhh, and now I am hearing about roulette! Never knew before. Well, thanks for posting here, it is good to mention it. Indeed NQ staff are reading all these postings. So, chances are there, that eventually mini games will come and some come back. What more ideas for mini games do you all have? Please post them here.
  16. Yes, Dual Universe, by NovaQuark, sets new industrial standards for base and ship building by players using voxel technology. I fully agree. Also, I believe gien enough time, the developers will add all that is still missing into this game. But such games are complex, so development can be done only step by step, a few chnanges at a time, and then checking and correcting. That's why it is a BETA. All we players know, that the gameplay is not finalized, much can change on the quest towards the final game. I hope, NQ will give enough development time to DU.
  17. Yes,, the same happened to me, too - I could not find the one missing micro voxel, and sometimes a glass panel gave the same problem. And disassembling by hand takes forever witth M and L cores.
  18. https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/137932/colortone-for-glass-panels-transparency-level
  19. NQ - please make this happen.
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