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  1. Thanks to the great NQ development team for the improved talent queue. Moving a talent up or down is now so much faster. Good work, that was badly needed. Here is my suggestion: - Make it possible to select multiple talents in a row to move up or down. Like I put all Org Slot talents of one type into the queue, and want to move these 5 talents up. - Or add a tiny Arrow Up and Arrow Down icon to each talent in the queue, and an UP click would move this talent to the highest possible location in the queue. This would make the queue almost perfect.
  2. A flag pole can be mounted - obviously - on static cores only. They feature one of two types of flags or banners: - the one mounted at one side (like regular country flags) - and the one mounted at the top (like the ancient Roman banners that are hanging down) The player can use an own image to design the contents/texture of his or her flag. And yes, the flags move in the wind! Different sizes of flag poles and flags. Small for the table top, up to full-grown flag poles. Flags can be sunk to the bottom, can be raised to the top, or even placed on half-mast.
  3. That would mean, to install one additional seat that is loaded with ArchHUD.. I was hoping for any solution that would not require an additional seat to be mounted. Thus my suggestion.
  4. Vielen Dank, werde dich kontaktieren. Super! ?
  5. Would be nice to introduce a new element - the music player. It would be relatively flat, more like the panel of a car radio. It has lights that react to the rythm of the music, and also speaker boxes that vibrate in the rythm of the music. Now, music tracks would be selected on the harddrive of the player and added to the list of the music player (file name). The element can be placed in all types of cores. But only the player can hear the music, to prevent any burden for the server and for the Internet connection. Maybe, in a not so close future,, other players inside that ship or that station can hear the music, too. But not in this first version, and probably not for a longer time. I simply want to be able to listen music while flying, without having to start another program that could cause laptop overheating, or takes memory away from the game, or simply requires to switch between the two programs. It would add some nice atmosphere t the gameplay, especially during long flights or boring tasks.
  6. Maybe, one day we will have skies like the one in Ark with its amazing sunset and sunrise effects, and rain and thunder and flashes.. The clouds in Ark are amazingly realistic, too. With rain enabled, yes, a weather report would be nice. Also possible: heat waves with some overheating of engines or other elements..
  7. Such a decay would cause a not so small number of players becoming very unhappy, of which many would leave the game. Careful with such wishes. I don't even understand, why you wish for such, to be honest.
  8. Wow, thanks. Can you add a link to such a script? I need it badly. Activated by button-click?
  9. We just came down from high taxes because they limited most of us players, and you now want again those high taxes even if only for some tiles. This would be a lot of additional programming, and render the increased oe amount n those tiles uselss as what remains after tax is just the same small amount of quantas. I am still not fully rejecting your suggestion, but I would prefer to give some time for the recent revampig of taxation and mining to show the effects it has on players and game ecology. We don't want that just a few powerful, strong players thrive, but that all players have many possibilities again. So, let's first give some time and see, how the current revamp works out.
  10. You all know it: sometimes its fun to surprise a good friend with a nice, strong slap on his shoulder, if possible from behind, unseen when arriving. It would be fun if ingame we could give a strong friendly shoulder slab to other gamers, too. To everyone, or to friends. The slap would push that receiving player maybe half a meter forwards. ? Other conditions and interactions would be - smelly and dirty with flies (tiny black dots) swirling aroun you when unwashed for more than two days - shaking hands - follow me guestic with hands - stop guestic with hands - moving forwards on knees and arms - moving forward laying down More ideas? Add them here!
  11. I am joining this thead because I fully supportthe idea of the starter. I once tried as seen in that Youtube video, but it did not work for me, I believe somewhere was an error in my script. My fault. But I could never find that error. Now, with the global shortage of processors, I cannot et the defunct game graphic card of my game computer being replaced, and ended up using a basic p and Nvidia Geforce Now streaming graphic client. That client does not allow copying/pasting between game and outside game, so I can forget to copy any script and paste it inside the game. Thatnks to those greedy crypto currency miners. They get rich and we normal people suffer. I would want such a button to switch off entire groups of engines, because if making only atmospheric flights I do not wish my space engines to start. Or even to reduce the max speed of my ship with atmo engines.
  12. Based on what we see all over in our existing star system, it is rather the well-organized and cross-linked pilots of the big PVP orgs that make it impossible for single pilots to prosper. LEGION is such a bad example, Dude. But anyhow, I am supportive for a PVP-only system, it just must not mean any arrising shortages or needs for normal players inside the existing system. I would like to see more input from other gamers here, to create a wider narrative of ideas for the suggestion of a PVP-only system.
  13. You all know it: you set the destination on a market on a distant lanet, then warp to it, and when you arrive and fly towards that destination marker, you eventually find out that the warp has changed your destination to the center of the planet. I suggest that destinations remain the same, even after the warp has ended. And remember, dear pilots, only by addin a positive comment youshow NQ that you support any of the many ideas here in this Idia Box forum, same with this thread. Thanks.
  14. I wonder how big such cores would be But yes, I support this wish. also hoping for XL Dynamic Cores one day (though not very important at the moment).
  15. Nice and useful. But I encounter the following problem: parked on a space station in the center of the safe zone, the scrip shows m a warp cell cost of just "1" to any planet.. Please advise.
  16. Greetings, and best wishes to our great game develpment team. My appreciation that the team involves us players a lot with the evelopment and new ideas. Mayn other games could and should copy that. There seems to be a general rule if it comes to changes: if rules change, apply the rule change to anything that is being built after that change of rules. Pre rule-change ships should continue to function as they did before. But any BP of such a ship would result in a ship where those stacked elements do not function any longer. Only the orginal ship should continue to function. The reason for that is this when ships were built, their design and placement of elements are closely connected. If there is a new rul that says there must be now one voxel in between each two elements, moving some elements accordingly may not be possible or if possible, it might lead to ships where elements are partially outside the hull or other problems that destroy the visuality of the design. EXCEPTION' There should be an exception: to avoid taking advantage on other players, on original ships the stacked engines and stacked weapons should become dysfunctional, too, while in PVP space. This exception affects original (pre changed-rules) ships. Of course, as said above, stacked elements on new ships or BPed ships are dysfunction right from the very begin. My suggestion is meant to keep players not unhappy (about their original ships), and to prevent many original ships to become useless and ending up in "museums". Over time, the dual universe will be filled with ships that comply to the new rules, and less and less of the original ships ("first era" ships, pre rule-change ships) will remain. And no unhappy players that will leave DU:. ?
  17. We all know it: we canot find any parking lot in the size of our ship when attempting to land on some market platforms. I am proposing a system that - on keyboard hotkey - automatically places the hovering ship on a parking area, ship beside ship, based on size, and so maximizing the usage of the available space for parking. This way, many more ships can be parked on a market platform, and without blocking each other. The pilots can easily find their ships with setting their ship construct as destination.
  18. Each dynamic core should give the player the option, to select the desired engine sound for space and atmospheric engines from a list of available sounds. From a "singing" high-pitch sound to motorcycle to tank, etc. ... Maybe, optionally, the player can also alter the sound with pitch and bass adjustment, smoothness, volume, and whatever fancy settings more.
  19. It woulc ome very handy, if we could change honeycombs or elemnts of a blueprint to something we have in stock or prefer. This alterration would of course not remove any DRM if existing on that particular blueprint. Example: The blueprint of a ship demands glossy gold honeycombs. Since I do not have it nor wish to use it, I want to exchange the glossy gold honeycombs with let's say glossy Yellow Plastic. Or I want to exchange basic space engines S with advanced military space engines S. Right now I wished for this feature because many of the library BPs I want to place call for many honeycombs I do not have and that are costly to produce. It would be no problem to replace them with honeycomb types I have in stock.
  20. The problem with DU is, that the atmosphere in DU appears absorbing illumination too much. Even the landing platform of markets can hardly be seen. And light sources are also set to not render when even in a small distance. I am aware that light calculations are a burden for the game server, yet, in other gams, we do not have such illumination problems. There is really a need for NQ to do something about the lack of illumination range/strength. Screen is fully black until you are maybe 300m away from a landing platform in an arriving ship, that is just not realistic. Just in addition, I too would support the terrain-detecting radar as mentioned by you. But fixing things that are not good enough, would come first.
  21. I am noticing that you made an important additin to your prevous idea of an entire star system just for PVP players: awards. Yes, if there are good awards, then finally your idea could work. Even more, I might even end up supporting such an idea.
  22. I hope you are right. With all the postings of you in the past as responses to my suggestions, I got the picture that PVP guys not too delighted having PVP with other PVP players, that they would prefer easy prey with no risk for themselves. So, even if there was a PVP-only system, not much PVP would take place there, but they would still come to us normal players and look for easy prey. Doing PVP does truly not mean being brave...
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