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  1. (sorry for my english it is not perfect) Space is full of live. Humans are not only intelligent species in galaxy. So there can be some AI-civiliztions, that have their own controlled planets, resources and fleet. They also can have some kind of culture, and different level of technical progress. They can be friendly or agressive. So their ships can attack you immediately, or they can help you. Players can trade, make alliance, or war with them. There can be some scale of relation with civilization. So if you will help them, you relation will become better. If you will try to harm them they become agressive with you. There also can be some extremely powerful and agressive space empire. And when someone will discover them, this civ will become real threat to players. So they will invade into players territory. And to stop them, all players and organizations should come together to fight with common thread. Thoughts?
  2. SG realized in this way is frakking bullshit. And please stop using pink font colour.
  3. And stargets is not emulates continious world? Its the same. You are in one solar system, then you are in other. There can be sensors which are able to detect any ship in system. There also can be cloaking device that can hide small ships, so thay can do some scouting before the fleet. But biger ships cant be hide easely. Also it takes some imes to fly across the star systems. Few hours for example. And there would not be any unexpected invaders. And of corse there would not be any xXx_ProMLG09_xXx who can destroy your city. I dont think that one person can do this.
  4. Dont see any connection betwen this two statements. Why ability to move in space can destroy borders or lead to endless wars!? War should be expensive thing. So nobody will engage in war just fow fun. If star-gates will be working in this way that would defuse the point of having endless universe in this game. What sence to have giant procedural generating universe with milions of planets if you can move betwen them so hardly? So after years of gameplay you will see only 10-15 of them. And why everybody must sitting in one place for months and years? It is boring. Nobody will play space MMO without space.
  5. Ok. Its much better idea. But how about smaller ships? For example exploration ships controled by small crew or even one person? They also should be able to go in warp. I dont see any problems in giving this ability to smaller crafts.
  6. Hello and welcome to the forums!
  7. Absolutely agree with this! If SG system will be realized in this way, the game will be realy boring! There will be no events for months. Politics, trading, will just stuck in developing. I thing that players should be able to travel much more quicker. Not months, but days, at first time, then hours when technologies are progressing. There also should be a lot of interesting in deep space like anomalies, rare resources, technologies that can be only found in ruins of ancient civilizations, and cant be researched anywhere. So players sould have advantages in exploring and traveling.
  8. I imagine this game to be really dynamic. So you can do a lot of things in any time. And political situation is changing frequently. So there a lot of events in game and all this events are made by players. Resources are limited, everything is changing. You should always exploring space to get new technologies and opportunities to grow. I also want to be able to travel anywhere i want. But sitting in one place for months and do same job there it just not for me.
  9. How about mines? You can put minefields on orbit, or you can use mines when you are escaping from enemy. There also should be a lot of types of personal weapons for ground wars. I also think about explosive devices. So you can get it on enemy ship or base and sabotage it.
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    Yeah, shields must be in this game. But im wondering, how will be realized. There will be a hit points, or some more complicated system?
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    But sci-fi is a prediction of future tech!!!
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    At first sight, such powerful weapon is bad for balance in game. But I think, that nuclear weapon should take place in DUAL. It can be realy powerfur weapon but with some limits to use it. 1. It should be realy hard to create big warheads to destroy cities, but small ones can be using on ships or space stations. 2. Warheads should be easy to detect and destroy. So for successful nuclear attack, you should destroy enemy missile defense firs, or distract the enemy, or launch a lot of missiles at same time, so you launch 10 nuclear missiles, and 1-2 reaches its target. There also can be some technologies to improve nuclear weapons and technologies that can help you to protect yourself. 3. Using of nukes leads to some consequences. Such as radioactive pollution. So if you destroy enemy base, you cant build your base there, you have to clean territory firs. It also will be good to have some EMP weapons to destroy enemy electronics.
  13. True. There also can be antimatter reactor powering engines, no antimatter engine itself. (sorry for bad english)
  14. Dont see any sence in floating city. It will cost more, it will be easy to destroy it, and I dont see any advantages of this. But floating city can be useful on planets with high atmospheric pressure, and where nothing can survive on it surface. So planets like Venus can have floating city.
  15. I disagree. I dont think that antimatter can be used like that. When antimatter connected with matter they destroy each others and transform in clear energy. Even several grams of antimatter can power ship for months! Antimatter reactors should be realy advanced technology! Antimatter can also be used as extremely powerful weapon. But I dont think that this kind of weapon can be good for balance in DUAL. Because it will be able to destroy anyrything.
  16. There can be different sources of energy: solar panels, generators using fuel, RTGs, nuclear reactors, antimatter reactors, darkmatter reactors, or something using energy of vacuum. For sure, there must be a lot of ways to power your ships in space! Hope we will see various energy sources in DUAL.
  17. Yeah it will be realy cool! I don't know anything about programming but this feauture can be useful for people like me.
  18. (sorry for my english it is not perfect) Natural anomalies that can transport you on far distance, on another side of galaxy or even in other galaxies. There can be some wormholes features: 1. To detect them you should have some high-tech sensors, or just find it randomly (almost impossible) 2. Wormholes can drift in space changing their position periodically. 3. Only small ships can use wormholes. Large ships can use it only with large energy spending. 4. There is unknown what you waiting on the other side, or to figure that you have to send probe that can give you some data. Wormholes can be used to find new places for colonization, or place to hide your supersecret military base
  19. Hey, our organization is growing so fast! I'm sure we will be the most powerful coalition in galaxy! Yeah
  20. I think one player should be able to control big ships, but ship, that controled by team should have great advantage. So even bigger and more powerful ship with one player on board should lose in fight with smaller ship but with crew.
  21. I think star gates should be puted by humans. So you fly in other solar system, then build star gate there, after this you can teleport between gates, so you can spend much less resources. I mean that fractions can find some extra technology or resouces and control it. There should be some planets with resurces which help in science or in building fleet or fuel etc. And it must be located so that factions gains more or less of type of each resouce. That mean trade or conflicts or alliance between factions. There can be areas, wich provide different strategies for development.
  22. (sorry for my english, it is not perfect) Hi all! I want to discuss gameplay mechanics in DUAL. While I was searching information about gameplay on forum, I discovered that there are some features that I would not like to see in the game. 1. Game speed. Developers say that it takes month for new player to reach ability of space traveling. In my opinion its realy bad! No no! First, it will be boring to sit on starting planet and farm resources for your first ship. Not many people likes waiting. Second, it can be wery monotonous gameplay. Not many people likes monotonous gameplay. And finaly, everything said will scare away new players. For example: 1. Player takes trial period 2. All of this time he tries to get resources and technology for his first ship. 3. Trial is and no ship no fun, delete this game. 4. Nobody plays DUAL, no money for developers, no game. My offer: Flying from a planet to another should NOT be a real achievement in game. Player should be able for his first fly in 2-3 days after start. BUT this first travels cant be long. He can fly to sattelite planet of starting planet, not so far away. Ability of flying to other planets of solar system should become real at 1-2 weeks after start. Then the player can develop his ships, research technologis, trade, explore nearby planets, join to other ship crew etc. After month of playing he should be able to research something like warp engine to reach closest star (about 1 light year away). But at this point, level of his technical development should not be more than 10%-15% of maximum. So there is a large oportunities to grow. 2. Interstellar travels. The idea of stargate at this time is not good in my opinion. Especially, the idea of probes that travels for months to nearby stars to put there stargates and give ability for players to travel there. It is too long. Civiliztion will be spreading too slow, and there be not much explored systems after a realy long pereod of time. What sense in endless universe if travels are limited by several light years? Players must have ability to travel all over galaxy and even to other galaxies! My offer: Ships must have warp drives or other technologies for FTL travels. This travels can be limited by ships characteristics, top speed of engines, fuel consumption, and level of technologies. First FTL engines should be slow and not very effective. But this technologies can be improved, increasing their power. 3 Civilization growth Civilization should not progressing too slow, some of fraction should gain superiority by technologies, some by resources, other by military power. There will be place for alliances, wars, traiding etc. But there should be place for people who plays alone. They should have opportunities in traveling researching and traiding as well. And they should be able to enjoy the game in their own way. So I hope all of this can be realized in game. And I am looking forward to play DUAL.
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