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  1. erm why not a 2 megaton ship built around a 4 megaton engine which rips the engines outta the 1 megaton ship, either that or if the ship tries to break free it will be crushed under the pressure of the docking arms
  2. http://i.imgur.com/R38O5wC.png ignore the writing, but thats essentially what im thining of as a pulse weapon, one which is strictly anti personel
  3. well by pulse i mean like a limited range,
  4. So i wanna submit a partial list of weapons i would like to see: 1: Light cannons: Star wars inspired lazer guns 2: Missles: you know just normal missles that take a little to reload, could use star trek photon torpedoes for an idea with ammo and such 3: beam weapons: beams that shoot for a few seconds then they have to reload 4: pulse weapons: short range anti personel weapons that would be used against people who whould decide to board your ship/station 5: heavy light cannons: artillery 6: gatling gun: less damage for more spm (shots per min) 7: nuke: has emp effect which will effect weapons, energy systems, and significant damage, would be very bulky and damages everyone including yourself if not at sufficient range, you can detonate if you are about to die and still in range
  5. do you have a length on that ship you first posted?
  6. *cry* im limited to 1mx1mx1m sized blocks so i can never acheive the level of detail well maybe
  7. i love it, can i get a 360 of it? cause i wanna make this in starmade. Also some interior pictures?
  8. but also, one of the styles of ships i would make would probably be a ship with the functionality and capabilities of the apache but with the fire power of a carrier
  9. cant wait for alpha so i can play

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