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  1. Hello and good day fellow DU Pioneer With this topic i'd like to introduce the Society Observing Universal Life. A less complicated connection for people who want to focus more on gameplay and not administrating some corporation, organization, or any sort of order with rank and privileges. Instead of privileges and authority which many others have, you will be pleased by being free from such burdens. Soul will not be an anarchy, hierarchy, monrachy nor any capitalism, theocracy or anything like that. If you need anything to compare it could be called anarchy or more likely equalism.
  2. from where i see it stargates should have a range stretching trough a whole galaxy, but if you want to get to another galaxy... maybe darkgates are the way, or some other form of travel. Since if you watched SGU till the end then you'll know that the deep space between galaxy is way more dangerous ( you dont see black holes because you dont see any celestial bodies being absorbed since there are none) and often more vast, so the distance could be greater than the diameter of a galaxy, ofcourse depending on what galaxy size you compare it with.
  3. reminds me of the old quest for glory or what its called, where you gotta level up stats by using treadmills, combat dummies etc. was funny but i'd prefer getting my skills trough doing more productive things
  4. Or maybe, big MAYBE we were not just sleeping in cryostasis but some of us managed to have out of body experiences and some even reached a deeper connection with the cosmos, enabling them to befriend the planets plant and animal life. Even making the companion more skillfull compared to his previous wild feral form. So in a sense they can still keep up with the mechanical companions.
  5. So alot of points have been uhm *pointed* out towards two words that i'd like you to think about. Realism and futurism. So you want it to be realistic? well its in the future so too bad but there wont be any t-bone steak or macaroni and cheese. If you think of todays food alot if allready unhealthy without the industry adding more junk into it. Settling on an alien planet, would you kill and just grill the first alien you see that looks like a plague infected rat crossed with a two headed blobfish with elephantitis? No ofc. not because it would likely turn you into an pink cowgoroo th
  6. if you consider that our astronauts are allready having issues with their body after only 1 year in space, what do you think happens after 10'000 years, even if in cryostasis, it will affect the body. logically the scientists on earth did some modifications on our dear settlers of alioth, so they can wake up from the cryosleep without having permanent damages. Be it trough a long term medication before the sleep or their food, or genes. Whatever the case you *were* earthlings/terrans/gaians whatever you wanna name it. But now youre different, dont need to add an *new* race since you ARE the n
  7. dunno why you keep bringing suggestions that will never be used since having an organization having power over something others dont will bring unrest among the community. so either keep trolling (well not trolling but poetry isnt helping here) or start brining good ideas again. If you dont understand what im pointing at then check 3.) of my previous post since that is one part of the problem when ambitious players/organizations get their way. I mean cmon if you could say what will be destroyed and what can stay then youre practically a gm and are above a regular player. And as it was and
  8. thanks for bringing back order to this chaotic suggestion filled thread Nyazaltar. i'd like to bring up an idea i got from playing some other mmo, one had this survey about specific game mechanics, which came up again with every 2 level ups but with different topics. The other one had a small quizgame that began for every player at noon, tho in this case it would be ofc. a survey or a suggestions scroll where you can type in your ideas, or have multiple choices as answers. im sure you dont have to fear DU becoming eve 2.0, the only thing that will probably remind you of eve ar
  9. Well if it's only about the very first starting Arkship then i'd really like the Devs to have their own zone with their creative constructions. In an interview iirc it was mentioned that there could be some npc or dev's made buildings to help players start. Or if not the whole Arkship area then atleast the area around the respawn or something and only the outer edges should be usable by players. There are several points that make it more attractive to have been designed by the devs than by players: 1. It's the Devs, they can have easier/better overview of the zone and design it more h
  10. So im new here and see alot of potential, but alot seem to unconciously try and cripple that potential in order to have not just the pear but also the apple, mutating it into a papple. So you want PvP? fine there will be a whole lot of others who want to bash heads, no need to go after the Arkified territories. The universe is big enough, why worry about some tiles on some planets that youre maybe not even interested in. Alot of suggestions were made because of the fear that the Arks would be used for PvP, but it is intended to prevent PvP so... that tought is being illogical. Stating
  11. Since DU is more about crafting, construction and trading instead of an action game about war and fighting, I assume it's safe to say that the skills will be about how you intend to earn credits. Lets say you're more of a gathering material type of person, then ofc you would go with mining, foraging, farming etc. that can give %speed on harvesting or something like a bonus chance for rare materials. If you like calculating alot more then trader it is for you, giving a %discount or rise in prices or other bonuses. But if its about combat then i'd say it will be all about the equipment,
  12. Another question at hand is about the safezones. If they will be the whole starting planet or even system and if there will be any out there in the unknown space. Since logging out in a safe zone would take the worry about pvp. But incase pve is implemented a freakin space whale could just go and crash into your ship even in a safe zone xD But yeah other than that i'd say its not gonna be possible to log out during a fight, only some old mmos did that but nowadays you cant, except using alt + f4 but then youre still logged in for couple minutes before the auto log-off kicks in. During
  13. Guess ill add my mustard to your ketchup here: Slavery will put alot of people off and incase you would like to be the one and only or the first that will not work for long since it is about ppl playing together so sooner or later you will be the enslaved and not the slaver. But should you mean to start an organization of slavers... well I guess it is the same scenario just with more slavers becoming enslaved themselves after the other organizations take action. In my opinion the closest thing to something like a slavery system that could work is like a subordinate system. Kinda
  14. I think the idea for soloist in a universe where you can be anything is the same as any roles the *bottom* of an organization has. Like mercenary, trader, miner etc. Don't expect there to be something unique that you get only when you are solo and not with an organization. Building a whole industrial complex or any other mid-high ressource/time consuming projects will always be faster with multiple people, unless they have a weak link that slows em down. Kinda like this guy i sometimes play with who is too lazy (or stupid) to figure out stuff on his own so he keeps bothering others instea
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