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  1. Just in case we're playing by price is right rules 500,001
  2. Go to your org page on https://community.dualthegame.com/ then applications tab, accept reject buttons next to each entry
  3. most of us are a little tired of these theads, but it doesnt mean we can't be civil to new members who post them who may not have realized the horse has been beaten to death already. most of us just abstain from replying to them, but some are compelled to reply and generally insult or attack the new member for asking it.
  4. just block twerk and this community turns into a nice place to be.
  5. combination of carnival thrill ride, and bbq grill (re: the flamethrower comment i believe)
  6. I think all the entries that are screens should just be 1 screen and the display be controlled by lua scripts so only 1 element is needed to cover all those aspects I'd instead suggest different sizes and aspect ratio screens
  7. The problem with that is if you want to build underground bases, you don't want your access tunnels regenerating on you and trapping you beneath or making your entrance impossible to find
  8. It's like C-SPAN but better, with blackjack, and hookers!
  9. I'm still indifferent, and frankly shocked that we're still discussing something that will have little to no actual impact on game play Apparently these 2 simple instructions were unmanageable for a large part of the community. - Explain only in one post your point of view (and edit it if you want to add something). Of course this doesn't count for replying on further Novaquark posts in the thread. - No flaming, no provocation toward any other participant of the topic.
  10. starmade is another voxel space game.. it seems OK but i havent played it enough to form a real opinion yet also its somewhat cheap
  11. I have to agree with outlandish rep, these tiny fly by night organizations are a plague on the community.. Seriously anyone in a small one man organization, particularly ones with questionable names, should be expunged!
  12. depends on how big you want to make it, super bowl commercials are one extreme, forum signature banners are the other. Also there's a discord server with a channel people spam that stuff into. Apparently having pictures, youtube videos and actually taking the time to write something worth while helps, Also editing your posts for correct spelling (re: title hint: use full editor) helps
  13. You must be gold farmers, because they're the only people disadvantaged by the DAC system. Because without DACs the wallet wars just move to the black market and encourage bots.
  14. its not a glamorous job, but good honest work for the pay
  15. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15515-Note-From-The-Chairman
  16. it would be kind of cool if the starting planet we use in beta, ends up being a random planet in the full game so all our early constructs can be found as a planet of ruins late in the game (well i assume late in the game because the universe is huge but someone could get lucky early i guess) I know this probably isn't how its going to be, i just think that would be really neat and make sure that people don't find / reclaim them early in the game
  17. Give in to the dark side, villains have more fun We do and its totally not a trap!
  18. And today on people trying to sound smart while talking about nothing....
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