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    A unknown plasma research station
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    Killing the clown, Blowing up research. Stopping the nuclear operatives, changelings, and wizards who invade Space Station 13....
  1. Howdy Nazeris. Welcome to the forum and I wish your organization luck!
  2. 'Merican hamburgaaaarrsss are thee best, innit right ya'll?
  3. Claim it, you name it - That sounds good to me, if the Devs review names so we don't get Planety mcplanetyface, owned by Organization A.
  4. Yarr Harr, looks good... wait one minute... Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each territory.Noo! Cursed, now I can't stop these people from moving in my pirate controlled space. accursed.
  5. Yarr Harr, Way hay and up she rises. Welcome to the forums.
  6. I believe the alpha/beta are holographic simulations, so very unlikely.
  7. Hoping to find a big pirate/smuggler ship that does crew RP to jump aboard on. mhmm I love me some RP.
  8. Everybody should be forced to play a clown for their first month of gameplay.
  9. Hopefully, the admins will set some sort of regeneration thing for the starting planet, to ensure spawn isn't a maximum depth hole you can't get out of.
  10. Welcome, hope to see you around!
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