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organization of pirates//BLUE SKY PIRATES

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well first let me introduce myself my name is the flying jackass (eltaradovolador in english) and my goal is to make a pirate organization and i have just to codes that if broken will be punished by death


so where do we get the money you may ask, from evil tyrants empires or any self proclaimed "good" organization while we defend the poor people or anyone in aid we shall be there to help

Right now i'm looking for all kinds of players be it pvpers, miners, farmers, builders, scientist and conquerors 


so for rpers i got a guild backstory because i also want this organization to have some rp

i wake up from a long slumber of the cold hard ground thinking about what had my village done wrong to deserve being enslaved and before i knew it i heard a big bang of an explosions nearby our enslavement camp.

we were under attack of pirates but why would they attack our village if we had nothing of value, did they just want to end our lives, that's when i realized this wasn't your ordinary pirates they were blue sky pirates who protect the poor from evil tyrants so i grabbed my gun and started helping them with the attack, killing off many bad jailers and soldiers and at that time i meet one of the captains and fought along side him but i couldn't save him from being shot in the back and just when i had lost hope of him and the liberation of my people, more reinforcements came into the battlefield and finished off all remaining forces.

after the battle was over i asked if i could join the sky pirates and they allowed me in.

this is my story.

hope i could make a good rp of a kid joining us

leave a message down below if you have any questions and also leave some opinions about how i should continue building this band of pirates or have some helpful comment leave it down below, if you want to join send me a message to and who knows maybe we'll even have a discord sometime so off i go into the wild universe

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