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Hunt For The Golden Goober


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Upon the briny, vast and deep,
The Golden Goober’s secrets sleep,
"All that glitters is gold," they say,
Let’s embark on this treasure hunt today.

Pirates scheme, their hearts aflame,
A cat in gold glitters more, a game!
With cutlass honed and wind-filled sails,
We’ll chase our dreams, catch the tales.

The universe is vast, but we won’t fret,
For we’ve got courage, you can bet.
To find this treasure, we won’t delay,
In this grand adventure, we’ll make our way.

Hunt them down, both near and far,
Betwixt a planet or a shooting star.
With laughter and joy, we’ll persist,
In the Golden Goober’s hunt, we enlist!



💬Stay tuned for the first clues that will appear next week! 🔍🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️

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A scroll reveals the second clue in the Hunt for the Golden Goober, fly safely out there Noveans!


"Surrounded by ten markets in total, here you must seek
Where vibrant spectacles draw the curious and mystique
Amidst the thrall of shows, let your intuition roll
Solve this riddles call, for treasure's your goal"

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16 hours ago, SomeOtherIdiot (SOI) said:

hehehe, ok. Once you get into the rhythm of it all. This is a lot of fun. But will say I was stumped on the second riddle.


I still am. There are so many ways you can interpret it and I even know where to look.

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56 minutes ago, Nitewolf said:

"The shrine visited before that is not round".

I've been to 100's of them.  Start from the beginning?  That might take a while.

You do not need to start from the beginning, but it is something to do with something from the Goober Hunt. In this case, if you did not go through the hunt scrolls, you may wish to ask someone who has. :)  

There - #HintNotHint for you. :)

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tho i am not currently playing anymore...this is all there is for the sub you ask? i loved DU but you at NQ neglecting the game so much it's sad. either close it for good or get your act together and develop the game.

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13 hours ago, Lasersmith said:

I found THAT. What d I do now?
Do I have to navigate the red glass maze?




You found part of one of the quests that was released a while back. And yes, the pyramids you find are evil. The first one (if you want to start at the start can be found at the North Pole of Alioth) They are trippy, but can also be challenging and fun (and a bit of mischief). You might wish to wear sunglasses!

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