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Damn, it's sad to see you go... A Paragon of initial positivity and thoughtful critique...  

As well as firebrand level posts on salient topics.


I bought prepaid time from Markee Dragon, so I guess I'll be here until September or NQ turn the server off, whichever comes first.


so many top former supporters bailing... @NQ-Deckard   Take the hint....


It's so sad to click on many of members in the pegged forums only to see they last logged-on in June or July.


You've lost so many of your stalwarts.... Don't you feel ANYTHING? Regret, remorse, resignation?

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I’m starting two think they want the game two fail ever update has taken the fun away and just made it more of a grind in a building game that forces you two try so hard just two get a few things two try and build but it’s limitless right dream it and build it good luck getting what you need lol  alpha was so good and was what I was exited for  it’s never a good sigh when you're co leaves all down hill from their on I believe they only launched the game two meet their obligations and the game will get shut down in a year tell then they will collect what money they can not the first time I have Sean this it’s fallowing the same play book as landmark  it’s scary Familiar I hope I’m wrong but I believe that’s what they are doing  ( why can no new voxel game Actually make it maybe they try two hard two attract 2 different play style and make it fun for no one ) 

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