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Update 1.1 arrives on 29/11: Discussion

Aaron Cain

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2 hours ago, Habitant said:

What can i say ... pessimism everywhere ...

smile a little 🙂

And why is that? This is a very important question that NQ should ask themselves.


Why is it that we now have an established pattern with new players starting out all smiles and positivity, but then as times goes and they gain more experience they start becoming more and more critical towards the game and NQ?


Why is it that this pattern of positivity turning into negativity has repeated many times over the years as the game has progressed from pre-test to alpha, beta and release, and in fact become progressively worse as we got closer to release.


And why is it that despite this destructive pattern been clear and obvious to everyone for a long, long time, that NQ never ever truly changed or did anything about it?

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8 hours ago, ColonkinYT said:

What an interesting date. 29/11.
The date seems to say "pay another month"...
The truth is not clear what to do this another month ...

dont pay, just queue talents and wait till the patch and the planets are there.

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