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Now that we know a bit more.. What's next? (long read)

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2 hours ago, Kirth Gersen said:

The next official communication will tell the fate of the game.


I can agree with that. By itself saying the investors are in "long term" means nothing. I take that as an indication they will evaluate if that long term commitment is (still) viable and go from there. So yes.. what comes next will be far more important as far as the continuation of the company.

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20 hours ago, le_souriceau said:

I'll give Nick one month of grace period to sort mess (JC left him) out. Not super trust guy, but kinda have cautious hope, that he can du something with DU.


One thing that I still see absolutly critical for NQ to improve fast(er) -- comms. Ideally -- re-think whole mode of opetations, go for KS promises about transperancy and using players feedback in innovative ways. Before this was more of joke. But now there is a chance do it without any jokes.


Comms can be both "start of rebirth" point (if changed) and "same old shit" return to swamp (if not).




Absolutely agree.  In fact, submitted a formal Communication Plan to them over a year ago.  Got the standard "We will push this up the chain" response.

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It's a shame; Dual Universe had such potential. Potential squandered by heavy handed moderation and lack of engagement with the community, especially with regard to suggestions.


I wouldn't be surprised if the game shuts down shortly.



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