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Schematic research (upgrades)


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Schematics should be upgradeable. Start with base schematic and put into research element. Takes energy/time/resources to upgrade schematics time/material/production efficiency. Then also let us sell these on the market. Would add some much needed depth to the schematic gameplay. 


Could add Scientist Skill trees to compliment this branch of research. 


(obviously assuming energy will be added soon) ? 

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Schematic points!


every day of running a machine, or making  a certain number of things in nanopack gives you some schematic points. 


These points can can only be spent on schematics you already know, or connect directly to one you already know.


you start nanopack until you get enough points to get your first refiner schematic etc.


You can then create schematics to increase your factory, or to sell on the open market.


yes large orgs can have big factories and tune out more points faster, but of course they can, they are bigger and have more resources. It wouldn’t make sense to cripple them for being a collective. 


But it means you can focus towards the stuff you want by doing industry stuff, rather than going mining to buy a schematic.


It also moves schematics into the player market rather than the bot market.


Yes it will mean a long time to get a warp beacon schematic for a single player, but it will be done by making and selling stuff rather than digging ore which isn’t a industry thing.


Also how about a few missions which involve finding and delivering goods. 10k screws to Feli, a large assembly to Madis, bunch of basic electronics to Ion etc.


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Schematics just need to be removed from the game or be changed to only apply to large scale production, allowing players to craft their own items.  Having to grind ore to sell so you can buy the ability to craft something in a game where creating is its strongest feature, is going to be the death knell.  I don't want to play a mining and shopping simulator.  Especially when the Market in a sci-fi game is more primitive than Amazon today.  You want me to go to a brick and mortar building to get my purchases?  Are you insane?  I don't do that today.  How are there not drones immediately not bringing my purchases?  Do you just want to force me into the horribly dull flying to the market across a bland planet (while alt-tabbed watching YouTube videos)?  And no, expecting players to create the logistical behemoth that companies like Fedex require for global shipping is NOT an answer.  


I get that the Devs want to create an player economy, that is their 'vision'.  My 'vision' is to play a game I enjoy, and like most people, I enjoy crafting my own stuff.  Forcing people into a poorly designed economy is going to kill the game.  The Devs clearly don't understand economics, and especially don't understand MMO economics.  The schematics prove that.  They are heavily balanced against new players (permanently, not just while they are starting out).  People today will buy schematics and then use them to make money. This will drive down the cost of the products, which means future players would take far, far longer to break even on schematics.  You could lower the schematic price in the future but then you encounter the very problem you are trying to 'solve' with them. Or don't lower the price and keep most new players locked out of industry gameplay.  Further, economies tend to create a small number of magnates and a very large number of peons.  I can accept being a peon in the real world, but I am not about to pay a monthly fee for the privilege to be one in a virtual world.  And no, 'git good' is not an answer because economies require most people to be peons.  


So schematics fail at what they are intending to do.  They also screw over players who don't want to play how you feel they should play.  I want to build and create my own stuff, not mine for hours for pretend money, especially when mining in this game is pathetically bad.  Space Engineers at least has fun and creative gameplay attached to mining.  I can tolerate some grind to get the materials I need to build what I want, but not to grind out virtual currency to spend in an archaic market.  The popularity of survival/crafting games, and lack of economy simulators shows the population at large agrees with me.  


You have a voxel world that screams creative environment, not economic simulation.  Change your 'creative vision', or watch your game turn to dust.  But I suspect the latter will happen because 'creative visions' usually come with arrogance and inability to adapt once reality has set in.  But we shall see.  Well, not me.  I already canceled my subscription and will not be back unless things change.  But good luck to everyone else.  

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Schematics done right yes plz. researchable sonds great. also incressing its potancial the more it's used. A complex thingy to overcome whit brainpower not just a plain barrier to overcome whit quanta earnd by abussing unfinishd game.

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