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Found 18 results

  1. Shaman

    Anchor unit

    Currently, there is no real way to freeze your ship in space, flying with an agg, or in a place with no land like the ocean. The only method I know of is to activate your emergency controller and then fly away until it automatically freezes, which is very jarring, tedious and unreliable. This can pose a problem as it makes parked AGG ships more likely to fall out of the sky, space only docking very difficult (even with the new features), or simply just making your ship risk falling to its demise when you temporarily leave, without constructs or terrain to stand on I propose this: The anchor unit Comes in 4 sizes; each restricted to its relative core size Has two states: on or off, and can be activated by pressing E, lua, or using buttons. You can also use lua to check if the ship is anchored or not as well. when activated: If the construct the anchor unit is attached to under 5 km/h, not controlled by a control unit, and has no engines that are active, the ship freezes after 5 seconds. Otherwise, nothing happens until these conditions are true. Brakes and adjustors can still activate during this time. The anchor unit plays a sound indicating that it is done. If someone activates a control unit on the ship again, the anchor unit deactivates and the freeze is removed.
  2. Can we get an accurate universe map? This one would be important for asteroids since its not like we can figure out where anything is from that 2D picture and unless you allow us to warp to the asteroids its going to be a weird experience. The people at infinity corp made a lua 3d universe map that is representative of the game map. I can fly in any direction and see where I am in the universe, I feel like this is a huge feature that should be baseline in any space game
  3. Schematics should be upgradeable. Start with base schematic and put into research element. Takes energy/time/resources to upgrade schematics time/material/production efficiency. Then also let us sell these on the market. Would add some much needed depth to the schematic gameplay. Could add Scientist Skill trees to compliment this branch of research. (obviously assuming energy will be added soon) 😃
  4. new element for them pvp people that dont like watching adjusters pop in a single shot over and over. Brakes too, just a heavier and more hit point version of the existing element. It doesnt need to perform better
  5. Lord only knows why this was taken away in the first place. No one wants to submit a ticket on a friday night and wait 3 weeks only for them to ask for logs. Most MMOs have an in game GMs that can help within a few minutes of a ticket being submitted at any given time. Not having one from Friday evening to Monday is kind of suspect. Beta or not
  6. So in the event you are flying around and someone is on the ship jumping up and down and just annoying you, you dont really have a means of removing them off your ship in either pve or pvp zone. Lets take it to the extreme and they have 1000KL of hematite crafting in the que and weight an extra 5KT. You have no way of removing this person unless you @ an admin or NQ staff for griefing, and hope the respond in a timely manner. We can go even further and say they logg off with that character on your ship and while you are as slow as a turtle in space, you cant warp and cant outrun anyone in pvp and its a dead ship. Can we get either a perm or means to stop players who aren't org or friend related from being on your ship? If they logg off on the ship we cant even report the account since we cant see it. Or maybe make it so the pilot can eject unwanted online or offline players somehow?
  7. What about being able to move the fuel boxes around as we like or across the screen to other corners? maybe use a data bank to save the settings? I dont always need to see my warp drive info and the more items you have the more your screen becomes cluttered. 10 fuel tank ships dont have a hope in hell unless you get a custom hud lua of some kind
  8. What if we had a 2nd surrogate pod that VRs you in a room with no detail and the ability to build freely and without material cost to allow players to use all the materials the game has to offer and work on building new things? There is no way to "review" a blueprint that you get currently and I think going to a surrogate room like the tutorials and being able to deploy it there would help speed up the game for newer players and allow the to mess around in a world inside the game. If they like what they made they can BP it and take it out to the live server and if they dont, no harm done. Just leave the session and the progress closes.
  9. Can we get a builders talent tree of some sort? Bigger cut and paste squares or the ability to replace elements with higher tier ones without destroying the links? what about a preset list of voxel shapes that you can add to your character so that you dont need to run to another construct if you like a shape and copy it there and paste it elsewhere? Faster Repair unit talents or maybe a maintenance unit where if you like it to a ship it will refuel and re-ammo the ship in 3 minutes or something? i'm just spit balling
  10. I think many people made platforms that could park multiple ships but they can't just paste in a new platform from a BP, its either build a new one using the tiny copy and paste tool, or deploy a new Blueprint and not have it line up with any nearby constructs
  11. Just like the tiles of a planet, can we get something like that for large space cores? the ability to maneuver unwanted constructs or not allowing players in or out of your org to deploy cores too close? (not 400m more like 2 KM minimum)
  12. Make it so we can right click on another dynamic construct and have an option to open a chat window with them directly. Local chat don't work in space at 2 SU
  13. maybe we can make M core and L core ships function with industry elements. Mobile refinery ships or traveling player markets might be pretty cool. You would have to fix market parking first though since the addboard guys would further stack in markets and ruin them further. Please clean up the markets NQ
  14. Can it be possible to allow multiple way points be highlighted at the same time? When planning long term space travel, I like to see Alioth and the moons all at once so I can fly right down the middle *wink wink
  15. Can we get a Gate that actually allows M cores and L cores through to some degree? a Max volume Small core barely fits through 2 expanded gates together.
  16. Can Ammo Containers benefit from the container talents? or make a new tree for them so we can have more ammo at our disposal? Pvp ships shouldnt resemble haulers if you strip all the voxels away
  17. Is it possible to disable docking unless its to a landing gear? and it has to be on the child construct to dock to the parent? There's so many things that are wonky in this game, but a construct being glued to my ship 300 feet away that doesnt even belong to me its kinda lame. Hell I would even like the idea of no docking unless theres a new Connector element of some kind but thats a lot of extra work
  18. Sometimes I'm looking at my inventory or crafting something and I see I am running low on certain things or think I could use a stockpile of X item. It would be nice if there was an option in the right click menu of items to open up the nanocrafter build window for that item or a keybind shortcut even.
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