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Cooldown for resurrection node in PvP


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Dear NQ, you need to do something with using the resurrection node on the ship in PvP. Also need to do something with bug-users who use alt+f4 in warp jump or PvP.

Here's what I suggest:
Add cooldown and add the prohibition of the use the resurrection node in PvP. If you are locked by another player cooldown starts working for the entire crew on the ship.
I think it's not normal that when you kill players, their ship stops because they died, and then they are respawn on their ship again..

This is easy to do:

cooldown = false
getData = radar_1.getData()
enemylock = getData:match('"targetThreatState":[^0]')
mylock = getData:match('"myThreatStateToTarget":[^0]')

while enemylock or mylock do
cooldown = true

Please upvote https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/133027/cooldown-for-resurrection-node-in-pvp

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Or even a spawn delay on a per-player basis for respawning on res nodes that are on ships that are in PvP. 


So when you die, you get a message: 

"Your current res node is under attack.  Would you like to wait XXX seconds or would you like to spawn at your next immediately available node?"

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I've personally always been on the fence about having resurrection nodes being able to be placed on Dynamic cores.  Sometimes I think its ok, other times I feel like if you die, you die.  And spawning 3 feet from where you died, especially in a tense pvp battle, seems a bit...idk cheesy.  I think the planning and whatnot going into pvp should matter as much as the actual act of doing it.  

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The way its been setup seems to be designed to make fights last a long time.  So, players cant insta lose their ship.

Node timer is one way to tackle your unstated issue.

Other ways include.

No repairs in space or a timer on repairs.  EG.  a repaired engine cant be repaired again for 10 mins

Or, XS core = maximum respawn 2

small core = 4

medium = 10   etc.

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