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The 200 Years War for Earth [Video]

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Love your work. I think an adjustment on numbers would benefit the story you have imaginatively constructed. Lore such as this really helps people to immerse themselves into any sophisticated game so well done. It is calculated that by 2200 world population figures will stabilize at around 11 Billion inhabitants and remain at that figure. A 2/3 reduction would be significant with the loss of around 8 billion lives, but still leaving a significant population. 1 Billion inhabitants on earth would be a return to bliss for the planet  and it's ecosystems. It could be argued that with only 1 billion inhabitants the planet would not have the industrial resources spread on a world-wide basis to instigate and complete a project such as the Ark. I note your initial figure of a 3 B population is taken from the "lore Bible" so maybe it is that which needs revising or part of the story to explain why in 2200 Earth would only have 50% of the population it has today.


Just some thoughts from me as you will no doubt (i hope) progress your timeline work. Thanks again for all your work, I enjoyed it.

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