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In Game Remote Cameras

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Remote camera elements in game that can link to a screen for output. (Perhaps limited by distance and number of simultaneously deployable units) Similar to a security camera system or for example to view your ships flight deck or other area with activity made viewable on a screen from a cockpit, bridge, or other location where areas you want to monitor are not visible. Perhaps a lower quality render on the screen so as not to cause issues with rendering output. 


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If the camera view replaces your regular view, sure.  If it is being shown in addition to your regular view, then it causes all sorts of technical problems.  https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/15034-camera-elements-that-can-link-to-screens/&do=findComment&comment=106749

Also searching is your friend.

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I am 110% on board with cameras, they have lots of uses, but they need to be coded in a way they cannot break the game like they do in SE. 


If you linked the output to a screen and then pointed the camera at the screen, it would create infinite video feedback which would surely crash the client.

There just needs to be a simple system in place which negates this affect, because I feel like real life struggles with this phenomenon, let alone a game XD  



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This is an very good idea.


Although from a technical stand point you would need to send the data from camera to screen.


I did an experiment couple of months back streaming video off a Raspberry pi 4.

It averaged 0.5 Gigabytes an hour for 360 resolution video.


Then see what happens when someone and his friends make 500 cameras = 250 Gigabytes this would pose some decent technical issues.


I would consider having two versions of cameras

1 remote cameras these cameras would trigger to movement or whatever setting

much like wildlife cameras, and have say a 100 MB storage

2 a wired camera for vehicle backup cameras almost like most cars nowadays.

3 a drone camera. a drone which could follow you or be remotely controlled this could also be tied into streaming to twitch.


This would be a awesome addtion to dual universe.



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For what I did when experiencing with that stuff in Unity


1) Camera is machine ressources eating. It's very heavy on CPU since you do multiple renders. Low Res or High Res what if someone decides to put 100 of theses?

What could be done is define a number of camera renders per second. Say, you update 2 cameras screen only. Then, if there is more cameras to be updated you updated the two next in the next second, and so on until every camera are updated and begin a new update loop. So whatever ressources you have you don't overwhelm your computer ressources.

2) to avoid infinite camera loop, just disable it in the render after first pass (like put a placeholder screen or whatever or do nothing like default black screen).

3) drone camera for remote control, like fullscreen, you replace your screen with the drone screen it's very appealing

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