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  1. Welcome NQ-Naeris! You are starting an incredible journey in life you will never forget I’m sure. ... And May you be blessed with the ability to see the suck ups a mile away and avoid them. Lol.
  2. Remote camera elements in game that can link to a screen for output. (Perhaps limited by distance and number of simultaneously deployable units) Similar to a security camera system or for example to view your ships flight deck or other area with activity made viewable on a screen from a cockpit, bridge, or other location where areas you want to monitor are not visible. Perhaps a lower quality render on the screen so as not to cause issues with rendering output.
  3. I am happy with this system! I also like that each talent is multi-tiered. For those who nay-sayed me when I said the talent tree would be time based and not 'grind' based. *insert emoji kissing my butt here*. I don't recall who it was but they were adamant that they were right. Time based is a far more fair system and more realistic imo by not favoring one set of people (those with no jobs ha) over another set of people. Love it. Keep it up NQ!
  4. discordauth:BbgLTCk2VyOmp-dFM9T3MEm5IgHl7OfSyukWDyf7KgE=

  5. Regarding the need to socialize option. It would be interesting if any voice chat options in game had a mode of location based proximity chat. This would give a more RL need to congregate in the same area. only being able to 'hear' someone if they are in range of your 'voice' per se. Other methods to communicate could be used as well such as doing away with the location based voice range idea all together and using the 'anyone can talk to anyone' method like the various voice chats available today.
  6. hello all. Dread Reaper...
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