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  1. This is an very good idea. Although from a technical stand point you would need to send the data from camera to screen. I did an experiment couple of months back streaming video off a Raspberry pi 4. It averaged 0.5 Gigabytes an hour for 360 resolution video. Then see what happens when someone and his friends make 500 cameras = 250 Gigabytes this would pose some decent technical issues. I would consider having two versions of cameras 1 remote cameras these cameras would trigger to movement or whatever setting much like wildlife cameras, and have say a 100 MB storage 2 a wired camera for vehicle backup cameras almost like most cars nowadays. 3 a drone camera. a drone which could follow you or be remotely controlled this could also be tied into streaming to twitch. This would be a awesome addtion to dual universe. -Nomad_
  2. Just Watch this. If you Developers can even get Dual Universe physics like this it will be the greatest MMORPG OF ALL TIME even surpassing the glorious Runescape.
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