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Territory Unit abuse ideas, maybe

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Well, after reading this interesting thread, i feel that almost everything (step by step) could be possible in the game, regardless how things in real life could be, since people come to Alioth practically amnesic (and with an awesome hangover, after 10000 years of miraculous cryogenic dream, you know), but retaining the ability (acquired who knows how) to stay alive without eating or drinking (not to say about the need of pee or poo). 

So, being this not a classic survival game (and therefore, being freed of many real life requeriments and features), there are many possibilities to do and design things and dynamics in creative ways, especially if a good amount of people support and propose them to the developers. 



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I agree with geronimo553 and find the remarks by the three active users disturbing. There is healthy pondering in geros ideas, and unhealthy, stiff, authoritarian push to conform, accept whatever exists. I wonder, who feeds the ideas that they are willing to bless without question? Novaquark? 


Gero, of course claimed territories should be safe, and no labels should somehow defeat the purpose of STUs.  This whole idea of STU´s is grainy and probably poor as a reason to buy patron. Since I played Minecraft years ago, I always hoped on public servers that the lots would be in the actual game, not isolated or empty. In a few servers they were, but mostly there was a stupid creative world lot. I had one server game like that and I built an elevated golden railroad with pumpkin lights every 10 blocks on the water outside the claimed zone towards the protected town. The server closed and there were thousands of cakes scattered on the railway the last day. I don´t want to bring resources to an area where there is no game as a solution to that the protection isn´t enough against griefing. I envisioned that the gameplay would consist of claiming land in competition and then building inside and there would be several connected or isolated territory claims. A chain of connected territories implies a 3D expansion system in the ground and space. Of course protectionless outside mining and exploration would exist too, but a protected area should not be in a different world, other than where mining and exploration are.


Edit 21.3.2019 Gero, since territory units protect your assets, there is no problem with being visible. It helps navigating out from Arcships in search for unclaimed territory.


Edit 21.3.2019. Lethys, according of this, griefing is not possible, just killing. RDMS I assume means no interaction with any voxels or objects other than the player ragdoll. STU´s are for Arcship and moons, where is no resources. Normal territory units are meant for unsecure areas and they are more protective than STUs. That would be acceptable.  I don´t understand where I can get TUs. 

  1. Unsecure Areas (UA) Meaning and Everywhere Else:
  • Territories located in Unsecure Areas are called “Normal Territories”.
  • A player can claim a Normal Territory with a Normal Territory Unit.
  • On unclaimed Normal Territories everything is allowed.
  • On claimed Normal Territories offensive actions are possible and everything else is subject to RDMS.
  • Low value to high value resources are available in the ground.
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3 hours ago, TeemuMilto said:

This whole idea of STU´s is grainy and probably poor as a reason to buy patron


3 hours ago, TeemuMilto said:

I don´t want to bring resources to an area where there is no game as a solution to that the protection isn´t enough against griefing.


I don't rly get your point here. A STU is per definition ALWAYS safe and 100% protected against griefing

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I don't like the idea of the markers being visible on the map either, but PVP isn't in yet.  Maybe that is already in their plans?  Either way, I will build with TUs whenever possible just to keep people from building near me if that's what I need in that particular spot.  But I am already planning on it to not change.  People who see my marker for my "hidden" underground base are still going to have to weigh the costs of attacking such a protected base.  Even if there is a flashing light with a giant arrow pointing towards it, the way I'm planning on building will probably (hopefully) make what's inside cost way to much to take.  I am actually looking forward to building for defense.  That is going to be a very exciting part of the game,  and one of the main reasons I remain a strong advocate for PVP in general. 

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