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A new era begins


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Hiiiiiiiii bramse


At the Dawn of a new era bramse crawls from under the destroyed freighter. "Didn't i tell you you needed to install parking assist when You flew this piece of crap?" The dead body of snowflake doesn't answer, "Well crap also dying on me here, now i need to get to the Resurrection bay before i can slap you. Man this was my favorite Freighter, i run the septorian Gore with it in 3 days and Won. And now its like this thorn piece of shit." 

Bramse reaches behind him and grabs something from the freighter "Ahhh nothing like a nice cup of Coffee during a crash with a freighter carrying thermonuclear Waste."

"Hey!!!!! What the F*** are you doing with my city" Aaron Calls. "You couldn't hit something else? Nooooo you just had to smash into the main hangar door. Is i see the driver i am gone rip his head off" Bramse throws something to Aaron "Ah his head, ok well got some more coffee? Its gone take a while to get this sorted and fixed might as well start with something good" bramse reaches into the freighter again and gives Aaron a coffee. "Good coffee and so nicely fluorescent"

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if anything my entrance to the new world wont be in a freighter :P 

itl prolly be something like this!


The burning wreckage of the ancient battlecruiser "Carnage" still able to fly breaking into the athmosphere even after several large hullbreaches with only 20% engine capacity left, he managed to break free with the last remaining functional turret from the ambush.

Ambushed only because he was transporting a royal princess  Alyana whom rewarded the pilot Bramse for saving her life by marrying him, thus began the new era of royal buttkissing and treachery on the highest lvl, worrying each day who would be waiting behind the next curtain only to stab him in the back and claim his riches! wars will be started, wars will be ended by the firing of large guns making a thunderstorm look like a gentle rain in comparizon, no one really knows how it all started, but they will know and remember how it ended



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Welcome to Hell!

You may be wondering the following things:

"There's an afterlife, and I'm in Hell?"


"Huh. It's an upgrade from Florida."

You're actually in Heaven. We needed to rebrand after somebody (Hallow's Eve, anybody?) decided to keep it Halloween for a bit too long (about 17 million years, give or take) and the people here were so accustomed that we decided to become Hell.

We still got the all the stuff as "old boring Heaven", except Halloween themed.

By the way, there is no Hell. That'd be a Class-A asshole move.


Archangel Versai, at your service. Within reason.


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Lets all go to Valhalla, those pumpkins are overrated!


While "Carnage" broke through the atmosphere bullets flew right through the ship, luckely hitting no-one. While thinking which shithead was firing at his ship this time princess  Alyana shouted that shoes were on sale on Tranquility. F**k the shoes we need to land this thing first, preferable not in the palace but in front of it. I ran to the back railguns and pressed a few salvos in the face of this airhead that was firing on us. With a huge explosion the sky filled with parts of metal. Uhm Honey? Alyana shouted, this burning thing is the beacon at the Palace?

G*dD*mn the f**kers already shot the palace in amillion parts. Uhm where were those shoes on sale again?

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