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I am worried that artical 13 and especially 11 will greatly affect Dual universe website and its distruvution.

Especially since it got passed september 12 


Artical 13

Under this article, “information society service providers” will be required to use “content recognition technologies” to scan videos, audio, text, photos, and code to the detriment of open-source software communities, remixers, livestreamers, and meme creators.

Article 13 turns Internet content sharing platforms of all kinds into the “content police” obliging them to implement surveillance tools in order to carry out this function. According to cryptographer and security expert Bruce Schneier, “Aside from the harm from the provisions of Article 13, this infrastructure can be easily repurposed by government and corporations – and further entrenches ubiquitous surveillance into the fabric of the Internet.”

Artical 11

I am not sure about this one but it will affect independent websites and news organization in a very negative way.


I do suggest you do yourn own reasearch I just wanna spread awareness of this horrible law that Eu wants. 

1984 by George orwell it becoming more real than ever it might even be worse than the fictional world in that book.

Great book btw.

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Hmm, not sure if it would.  DU isn't an ISP that charges money for data storage.  At least that's how I read it.  Now whomever they rent their servers from might have to comply though, but that wouldn't be DU's problem unless they have to pay more for the servers than before.  They could also opt out by simply renting servers outside of the EU.


Looks like it could be open for interpretation though.  Interested to see just how it its implemented.

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