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Eruend the SkyReaper

Can we hope to one day have power armors and/or mechs?

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I know, this is an outstretch from ships and space, but to me as a die hard mech fan, sci-fi and mechs are inextricably linked.


That said, I would understand perfectly if it wasn't in this game's plans to add some at any point and it certainly doesn't feel like the game's built for it either. However, far be it from me to say what is or isn't possible.


So this isn't a topic of "when can we expect this", but rather, can we hope for this at all in the future?


I would absolutely go nuts if we could actually build mechs with the same system used to make ships in this game. I get that making the moving bits work properly would be a serious pain in the butt, however I'd be likely here for life if this was implemented. XD

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