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Hi all,


I don't know if it is yet on the game or the develepors are thinking/working about it, but I think it would be a nice idea and good thing to get into the game.


It could have a double purpose, in one hand, it make a mining dron driving easier, and, by the other hand, it would be possible to put it all around your base in order to get a security view of it, specialy on cases when the commerce is your firs occupation.


What do you think??


Good afternoon



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Perhaps we could entertain the possibility of having live footage taken from CCTV available on your mobile device through an app. See who's snooping around.  I welcome practical thinking and discussions about feasibility on this idea

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Could work but probably only with a system in which your own computer would take up the processing power needed the stream the video, 

So in that case you would need to leave your pc running to get live feeds.

the game knows if people are around. so no people should equal minimal drain on game.


but would indeed be an very cool and practical addition to the game.

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