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    Hi all, I don't know if it is yet on the game or the develepors are thinking/working about it, but I think it would be a nice idea and good thing to get into the game. It could have a double purpose, in one hand, it make a mining dron driving easier, and, by the other hand, it would be possible to put it all around your base in order to get a security view of it, specialy on cases when the commerce is your firs occupation. What do you think?? Good afternoon
  2. Hi all guys!! My name is Nacho, i´m from Spain and I´ve got 20 years old. And that´s basically all about me, well... that is not realy truth, is it? I can probably say three or four more things about me... By example, I can say I love read, play de guitar and gaming, other of my hobbies is the sci fy, in every variants, books, films, games, tabletops, etc. I looking for the game development during a year ago, more or less, but I was so poor to buy the game for help to development until now. And now I have it, I want to buy a shipyard corporation at the game,
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