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Kickstarter Sep. 7th (Wednesday)

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Why would you ask for a griefer magnet on your name?



"Oh look, a Kicstarter guy with a fancy ship, you know, we would grief the newbie over there, but our 300 ship blob will now gank THAT guy with the title, just so to piss his Kickstarter pride off".



Titles and the such, are pointless. We can ask for our organisation's Rank to be shown in the title, that way it carries more weight along with the organisation you represent.



Having "I backed the game" title only shows to people you believe you are entitled of respect in my opinion and the aforementioned titl-in-organisation showing, will outweight your Kickstarter title by far if the organisation is powerful.



I want to back the game and I only ask for something more pulpable than hollow titles and part in a lore I didn't take part in (AKA, stories emerging from blowing up buildings in the game :V ) . 





I want a functional game that can last me for years worth of playing it. And maybe a spiffy duster coat with the NQ logo on the back. Just for that bragging right in me to be satisfied.

ha ha ha that is a risk I would gladly take. In one game I went by the name Bait and in Everquest 2 I was DragonSnack the halfling warrior. Yes I'll take the coat to. A duster coat over a vac-suit is a thing I discussed once in a space society chat on mars colonisation. It would actually work. 

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So happy kick starter is begining!! I'm in for an alpha package assuming there is one. Can't wait to play and build stuff!!


I used to love space engineer but quit playing cause it wasn't a mmo.. Was no one to see my ships, it was basically single player


I too would love to get into the alpha, and would love to learn the mechanics but also help them to find the bugs and make sure the game is as good as it can be on launch. Remember that if you opt in for alpha by way of crowd funding that they will be testing late game mechanics so please do really try and push the boundaries and contribute to finding bugs and other things that can be improved to really help make the game as amazing as it can be!

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