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bronze backer cracking the ice

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Hey all, I just wanted to introduce myself now that pre-alpha has gone live. I'm super jealous of anyone participating right now. Sadly, i am only a bronze backer and will have to wait.

I am a long time gamer. mainly mmorpgs but lately i've been obsessed with Rocket League. I look forward to meeting everyone in the short time before the beta is released.  If there are any guilds that are beginning to form. I would love to talk to you. 

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Welcome! Being "only bronze backer" is absolutely no problem, rather I applaud you for supporting DU even before there is any real content. As Kurock pointed out, there is quite a lot of player groups already. To his link I will add a couple of community-made sites that may help with getting to know the community better: 

  • DU Sleepers, a general archive of DU's events and some organisations
  • DU Community map, shows pretty much every community member and organisation 
  • Outpost Zebra, site with fan-made DU content (mainly articles)

Hopefully you will enjoy your time here. 

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