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Wednesday Wickedness - Pt.2 - Bedrooms

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Greetings... novaquarkians?... What are we called?


Anyways based upon the response to my first piece of art, I've taken it upon myself to try and make this a weekly thing. As you can tell by the title, I'll be calling this "Wednesday Wickedness" for its pseudo evil yet funny take on events in DU. I would have posted this on Wednesday, but alas, life...


Not too long ago I was a participant in a meeting of the infrastructure and development team in the Terran Union. We got down to official business, but lets just say that things didn't go entirely as planned...


As usual, this is a humorous take on things and meant to be in good taste, enjoy. c:




Link to a slightly lower res one just in case


If you'd like to find my previous artwork, you can do so here.

Alpha +1

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ha! funny comic. like group projects everywhere.


this reminds me very strongly of when a group tries to plan a build in minecraft or build a space port together in starmade. sometimes just have to give each person a spot to do what they want, and a spot to do what they need to for the group so they don't interfere. 


side note, i'd call us Quarks, cuz its an actual thing. It is.. I think it is what electrons are made of or something. 

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