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Hello! I just came here with an announcement that I am starting to make custom flags for dual universe and other games as well. 




I am doing this totally free of charge, Just send me a DM with what colors, logo, and pattern you want



Thanks for reading, Limoriden!


(Examples Below)









(Also, If you have a custom emblem you want me to put in front of a flag, send it to me as well.)

(The flags here were some of the first i created, So they are not as quality as the current ones)

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How do I put this... Uhhh...

Some of them look like you searched "cool design logos" and put them together in MS Paint.

If not, disregard my post.


*not trying to being insulting, but do you feel better about eating homemade cookies or store-brought ones?

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Thank you all for your Feedback, I will definitely take all of these into account to create very high quality emblems/flags. @Lord_Void @Kael @Kuritho

They need more "contrasting" colors. Something bold, colorful, and purposeful.

White and Blue/Red are great for symbols in general, but not for stripes.

Red and Blue are "meh" for symbols (but pay-off so much if used correctly), but alternatively really good for patterns/stripes.

Again, this is of course opinionated but you're using more Pale colors instead of bold and vibrant.

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