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Question about persistence and character body...


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I have quickly searched but maybe I am not using the right terms...


I have a bit of a brainstorm/question/statement....


So I am curious if we know much about the DU environment in-game.  I am assuming because of the way many things work that it seems the world will be persistent, am I right?


If this is the case - then when you log off, your body will still be somewhere.  Is it possible to capture, imprison, jail, or otherwise "hold in custody" other players bodies?  


If we have a persistent world (as I think it seems would make the most sense in this game) then it would be supremely important to be able to defend yourself and your belongings, correct?


I think this would give rise to the necessity of being a part of an organization (or at least allied to one).  I also fear people would abuse this. But possibly if there is a way someone could resurrect themselves at a resurrection node and "transfer" their consciousness out of the imprisoned body that could help balance this....  


Or am I speaking about something that is more related to the final stretch goal?


Thoughts?  Anyone have specific knowledge to help suppress my naiveness?


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Your body vanishes. Your construct (ship, house, Statue of Liberty with a Lightsaber instead of a torch) still remains in-game. If you log inside a Saezone, they can't trap you, unless you are inside ther construct's voxel grid.

If you log out while flying your ship, you will relog inside your ship, even if it moves. If it's robbed or GTA'd, I don't really know the answer to that.

So yeah, you may need to park you ship inside a space-station if it's too heavy to land o na planet (physics is a bitch on lift-off, so is fuel consumption). 

Or even better, people may actually run "space parking lots".

As for planets, that's why cities will emerge. So people can log out insdie their houses, where nobody can barricade them isndie via "voxel boxes" or something like that.

Also, in the wilds away from a safezone, if you relog and find someone has traped you in a voxel box, you can actually break thevoxels with your wepaons.. The game is not just Construct VS Construct, it's about Avatar VS Avatar combat as well. You can break free of your "prinon".


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Ah I miss the potential of the Stomping Land. Where you could capture someone in a cage and force feed them to harvest their precious feces to use in a garden to grow veggies to force feed your prisoner to harvest their feces.

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I always thought the 'leaving your body behind' was kinda dumb, even for an intended persistent world game.

And LOL at the space parking lots, I didn't think of that for some reason

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I don't remember in which interview, but I heard JC saying that your body will remain in the game for a while to prevent people logging off while in a fight (so maybe it only applies when in combat)

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