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In game rule enforcement/censorship. Good/Bad?

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There are other considerations, but if we focus only on what would make DU a more realistic simulation of a civilization, then I think a certain amount of censorship by the developers would be good.

Ideally, what happens in a simulation, should not be affected by what occurs outside of it.  For example, a program that simulates weather systems should not produce different results depending on whether it is raining or sunny where the computer it runs on is located.  In a civilization simulation, the actions of the people should only be influenced by events in the simulation.

In DU, where the people are players in a game, that is not possible.  Their actions are influenced not just what happens in the game but also by events in the real world and by their knowledge that they are playing a game.  It is not possible to eliminate the knowledge the players have of the world outside the game, but if the developers prohibit content that does not fit the setting, they make it a more accurate simulation.

This would be more apparent in a game which had a historical setting.  Then if players were allowed to build things that did not yet exist, it would clearly be a poor simulation of that time.  Since DU is set in our own future, there are not as many limitations.  There would probably be still be some people who knew about anything we are familiar with today and it would be reasonable for them to recreate things from their past.  This means most things will not be a problem in DU's setting.  However, when anyone makes something in the game just to offend other players, those players will tend to react to it as a real world aggression.  Prohibiting such things will let the players focus on events that have meaning in the game and make it a better simulation.

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Skimming over the thread, I can safely say that I would be pulling my pledge and boycotting the game if it turns into a censored SJW shithole to "protect the feelings" of degenerates whose sole purpos

It's an interesting question because I think intent matters.   If someone from India is building a temple in-game, the Swastika symbol doesn't really mean the same thing as some random trolls using

Yeah gl with giving people in a game so much power. It'll only be abused and the game would be dead soon. People would ban players for shits and giggles.   To the other points:  NQ made

The one thing that I see happening giving a physical example is to take what happened in EVE online when they added mobile depots. The major trade hub had quite the "space art" on their undocks. While I personally like games promoting "creativity" if this creativity leads to server lag, not just individual player lag but literally the server struggles in general to render it, it may warrant some type of fix.

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I would say, common sense. If someone is crossing the line they should intervene and they will. Because no matter how much we love to detach ourselves from RL and live rest of our lives in imaginary world, reality is here on the ground and we must act accordingly to our social standards.


All I'm counting on is NQ will not use a ban hammer blindly. 

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