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LNX - Engineering Industry Big Opening !!!

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To our official opening !

LNX - Industries


Funded by a veteran star ship engineer, has the objective of provide the best star ships for the most important company ever !!!



Our differential is to provide versatile and ideal ships to suit any of our customers needs, join safety and functionality at side of great design and powerful systems. We will also have in the future an engineer academy to train and prepare great professionals to allocate as crew member multidisciplinary crews.


Ah? what do i have behind the curtains ? Its just a surprise but i will let it for after our opening cocktail, speaking of that, drinks and foot as courtesy is already back table. !

See yah soon

- Lynkx



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This looks awesome and like a great Org. Welcome!


It would be nice to have a company that could come in and train new players on how to build ships and machines. A sort of DU Ship Academy

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