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Water physics


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The starting planet has a lot of water, will it have physical properties?

Would love to dam a river and build a hydro plant, Producing large amounts of "free" power. I can see such a building being a very valuable asset, And target.


Aqua ducts



Land reclamation

Swamp draining

So much game play from physical water. I'm sure a few headaches making it work as well.

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I refer to the AMA:



So definitely not at release. They also mention it in some video iirc, there won't be flowing water. It has some kind of border and won't move.


But maybe it's possible to implement something like this (which would be cool), but I don't know if that's feasible and possible (server stress)

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As stated, it won't be at release. 


But I do agree that if this could be implemented it would open up a lot of new gameplay opportunities. 


Like that aquarium that I want in my Ready Room.


Seriousness though, it will be needed for when underwater becomes a thing. Hopefully running rivers will be a thing since I would like high tech water wheels!

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